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Once taboo, LGBTQ rights take center stage in Palestinian society (+972 Magazine)

Fady Khoury describes the shift in Palestinian attitudes towards LGBTQ rights—what was once ignored is now the subject of intense debate. Though slow, this is progress compared with the status quo where "queer Palestinians have been living under two different and overlapping systems of identity erasures. One is by Israelis (...)The second is by Palestinians who have for the most part denied our existence as homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender, queers."

Collective Punishment: Israel’s Strategy to Subdue Palestinian Resistance (Al Shabaka)

"From home demolitions to the Gaza blockade to the withholding of Palestinian bodies, Israel wields collective punishment tactics to subjugate and suppress the Palestinian population. In this policy lab, Al-Shabaka analysts Nada Awad and Issam Younis join host Nur Arafeh to discuss the toll of this strategy on the Palestinian people and how it fits into Israel's broader system of apartheid."

Palestinians should not have to leave our dignity at the door to enter the Democrat’s ‘big tent’ (Mondoweiss)

Lea Kayali: "I am a Palestinian American. My family is Muslim. The mechanics of US party politics were not designed for us. They weren’t designed for my BIPOC siblings. In many cases, the vehicle of the Democratic Party isn’t getting us any closer to our stops. The Biden campaign did not flinch at the opportunity to prove that during this convention. Democrats invited Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour to speak during a “Muslim delegates and allies” assembly, but then kicked her away the first chance they got. The scandal was emblematic of the larger dilemma for American Muslims, Arabs, and Middle Easterners: the party wants our vote, but they aren’t willing to work for it."

A Beautiful, Urgent Novel of the Palestinian Struggle (New York Times)

Book Review. "Exhausted writers sometimes try to simplify their trade by boiling all stories down to only two essential trajectories: Someone comes to town, or someone moves away. But Susan Abulhawa’s third novel, “Against the Loveless World,” disproves this reductive hyperbole, artfully looping together comings and goings, entrances and exoduses, burials and birthdays in a humming narrative of human movement."

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