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Friday 9th October we are live with rock legend Roger Waters!

Roger Waters is one of the most important musicians of our time. A founding member of legendary progressive rock band Pink Floyd, he has also had a prolific solo career since leaving the band in 1985.

Roger is a revolutionary musician in every sense, as noted recently by Vijay Prashad, he is “both a person who revolutionised music, but as well, a revolutionary who happens to be a musician.” Having had a lifelong commitment to social and global justice causes, Roger has taken up all the major issues of our time, including the Palestinian cause.

Join us Friday October 9th, same time, 4pm UK // 6pm Palestine // 11am EDT. Host Mark Seddon speaks live to Roger Waters taking centre stage and answering your questions. Learn more about Roger's voyage of discovery on Palestine and hear his thoughts on the most important issues of our time. Register on Eventbrite.



The famed ‘Jericho banana’ is vanishing. Under Israeli occupation, there’s not enough water. (The Washington Post)

Steve Hendrix writes: "The end of the banana era represents the broad shift in Palestinian agriculture over the course of Israeli control of the West Bank and its water. At the time of the 1967 war, the area around Jericho was known for lemons, oranges and bananas."

"But over the decades, as Israel sank more deep wells to supply growing Israeli settlements in the occupied territory, the springs began to dry out earlier and earlier each year, according to studies by the World Bank and other international organizations. Palestinian surface wells grew brackish as water tables dropped, the sweet water becoming too mineralized for citrus and bananas."
Why do Google and Apple maps recognize illegal Israeli settlements, but not Palestine? (Haaretz)

Haya Haddad & George Zeidan write: "You won’t find hundreds of Palestinian villages, as they are missing from the maps produced by Google and Apple or on their GPS services. Palestine doesn’t appear."

"A decade and a half of far more recent history is erased when the division of the West Bank into Area A, B and C according to the Oslo Accords is ignored. Together, these products and services control the vast majority of the market for global online digital maps. These maps are reframing geopolitical reality for an audience of billions."

"But what is particularly egregious is that if Palestine is too controversial to mark, the tech giants have no parallel crisis of impartiality when it comes to Israel’s illegal settlements in the West Bank. They are mapped and presented in full, with accurate navigation."

Israel’s ‘silent transfer’ of Palestinians out of Palestine (Al Jazeera)

Ibrahim Husseini writes: "By allotting a fragile residency status to Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Israel has succeeded to revoke and subsequently uproot more than 14,200 Palestinians from East Jerusalem since 1967. These measures coincide with an aggressive house demolition practice."

"The “permanent residency” status is maintained as long as Palestinians keep a physical presence in the city. However, in some cases, the Israeli authorities move to withdraw the residency status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem as a retribution measure because they are political dissidents. Israel’s pursuit of Palestinian activists is extensive and does not exclude any faction."
Trump's Middle East 'peace deals' are nothing more than an election ploy (Middle East Eye)

Richard Silverstein writes: "Though Trump and Kushner are trumpeting these agreements as gifts to a “good friend”, Israel is not actually the intended audience. Trump’s evangelical base, a massive voting bloc, is the real target. As Trump told Fox and Friends: 'It’s an incredible thing for Israel, [and] it’s incredible for the evangelicals, by the way. The evangelicals love Israel. Love Israel.'"

"With more than 40 percent of Americans identifying as evangelical Christians, this potentially offers a rich harvest for Trump. Turning Arab states from enemies to friends of Israel will be seen in these circles as the fulfilment of biblical prophecies."

"Trump political appointees have suggested that even more Arab states will join the “peace train”, including Morocco, Sudan, and the real coup, Saudi Arabia."


Podcast Ep 24: Stopping Israel’s arms industry (Electronic Intifada)

"On Episode 24 of The Electronic Intifada Podcast, we speak with several boycott campaigners taking direct action against corporations involved in Israel’s military occupation and settlement industry."

"Huda Ammori of Palestine Action tells us about their strategy to end the presence of Israeli arms dealers in the UK."

“The weapons that are being made to use against [Palestinians] are being made in front of you, and we have an ability to stop it,” she says.

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