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Massive military spending is turning America into a 'warfare state,' warns ex U.S. Army Colonel (CBC)

"We are the merchants of death for seven billion people." 

"The country marches on to yet another war, another trillion dollar fiasco, another bloodbath for young men and women who are signed up because they were bribed to do so," says Col. Wilkerson.

"Lawrence Wilkerson believes that Eisenhower was right, and is a fierce critic of the military-industrial complex. Or what he calls "the warfare state," an obvious play on "welfare state." He believes military spending has become an ideological article of faith on the political right —and it is ruining America."
Ask Col. Wilkerson your questions today at 11am EDT // 4pm UK time // 6pm EEST, at the Series 2 launch of our live show.

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Repression of speech and scholarship on Palestine needs to end (Al Jazeera)

In an open letter, more than a thousand academics and lawyers call on academic and government institutions around the world to cease subjecting those defending justice for Palestinians to censorship and penalisation.

"As lawyers and academics, we are deeply troubled and exasperated by the pervasive repression of speech and scholarship on Palestine. This includes recent reports that the University of Toronto’s Faculty of law rescinded an employment offer to noted international human rights scholar Valentina Azarova, following a complaint by a sitting judge regarding her research on Israel’s occupation policies*."

"Even the original drafter of the IHRA definition, Kenneth Stern, has cautioned against “enshrin[ing] this definition into law” due to the danger of legally conflating anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Yet Ontario’s Bill 168 proposes to do precisely that, by mandating the use of the IHRA definition to interpret anti-discrimination and anti-hate laws."

Meron Benvenisti Dies at 86; Urged One State for Jews and Palestinians (New York Times)
Sam Roberts reports: "Meron Benvenisti, a prominent Israeli-born political scientist who argued that the profusion of Jewish settlements on the West Bank precluded the possibility of a separate Palestinian state and that Palestinians and Jews could coexist peacefully only in a single, binational homeland, died on Sept. 20 in his home in Jerusalem. He was 86."

"A son of Israel’s original generation, Mr. Benvenisti was raised on a kibbutz and once described himself as “the last Zionist.” But he became disillusioned with Israel’s philosophical foundation as a Jewish state after serving as deputy mayor of Jerusalem, with responsibility mainly for predominantly Arab East Jerusalem."
Israel’s army of archaeological looters (+972 Magazine)

Dima Srouji writes: Using archaeology to validate its claim to the land, Israel is displacing artifacts from the occupied West Bank and erasing Palestinian identity.

"On a recent summer night, equipped with a large flatbed truck and jeeps, Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian village of Taquu near occupied Bethlehem to remove a Byzantine baptismal stone font. A Palestinian man captured the scene with his mobile phone, hand unsteady as he documented the military vehicles from above."

"Much of the debate over where the font belongs not only fails to acknowledge the illegality of settlements in the West Bank, but tends to ignore another major issue: Israel’s weaponization and militarization of archaeology between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea."


Fear and loathing in Gaza: Tales of a life under siege (We Are Not Numbers)

Israa Qishta, 27, writes from Gaza: "...

I sit, three miles from the shore. Fish are found in the deeper water, at least five miles out. When the Israelis prohibit fishing there, our boats lie on the sand. One day our boats are given a thread of hope; the next their bodies are bound with rope. The sun casts a yellow blanket over the piles of nets, the beach and the city. Thinking of the world beyond Gaza makes me feel anxious. Everyone else is living actively, every single moment of their lives–and what is left for me is just floating."

"...Deep Lines
I feel drawn in by the images: an old woman with lines of misery etched into her face... a homeless child... dead people laid out on stretchers... darkness... sadness... small, cramped spaces... In each stroke of the brush, I can feel her pain and yearning for freedom. We share the same dream, the same pain. Waiting is what Gazans all have in common, and I'm very proud to be one of them. In the meantime, we wait; we rest on the beach; we stay afloat."
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