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Arab League: Ministers agree not to condemn UAE-Israel deal (Al Jazeera)

"Palestinian leaders won renewed Saudi support for Palestinian statehood on Wednesday but failed to persuade the Arab League to condemn last month's normalisation deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)."

"At a video conference of foreign ministers, the Palestinian leadership softened its censure of the UAE over the US-brokered August 13 accord - to be formalised at a signing ceremony at the White House next week - in the hope of getting more Arab support, but to no avail."

"According to a Palestinian diplomatic source, the Arab League dropped the draft resolution condemning the controversial Israeli-UAE agreement."

Plunged into despair: How Israel's policy affects Gazan families that depend on fishing for a living (B'Tselem)

Israeli rights group B'Tselem exposes the effects of Israel's fishing restrictions in Gaza, hearing from wives and mothers of Palestinian fishermen.

"Israel has arrested fishermen and seized their boats, banned the import of raw materials used for repairs, and fired at boats that it claimed sailed beyond the permitted range. To date, Israeli gunfire has killed seven fishermen and wounded hundreds. The restrictions have led to the near-collapse of the Gazan fishing industry: there are currently  less than 4,000 fishermen, as opposed to 10,000 or so 20 years ago."

Nura Nu’man (22), a mother of two: "Fishing is the worst profession for a wife. In winter my husband suffers from extreme cold, so I worry about that, too, as well as the dangers of the sea and mostly the shooting at fishermen. Whenever someone tells me that soldiers opened fire at fishermen, I feel I'm about to lose my husband. I pray to God to bring him back to us safe and sound."

UN seeks to unblock medical access for ‘trapped’ Palestinians (The New Humanitarian)

"According to a UN update published the following day, the WHO will take over the process of facilitating travel permits, which Palestinian residents of Gaza and the West Bank require if they need to travel for medical care either to Israel or occupied East Jerusalem, and those in Gaza need for the West Bank."

"While rights groups welcomed the UN’s decision to relieve them of this task and act as a liaison between the PA and Israel, some see the fix as little more than a temporary band-aid."

“Ultimately, since Israel has control over the crossings and decides all matters regarding patients’ travel for treatment, Israel must act to safeguard patients’ lives until a solution is found,” said Ghada Majadle, director of the occupied territories department at Physicians for Human Rights Israel.

In This Bedouin Town, Murder Wasn’t the Only Crime (Haaretz)

Gideon Levy writes: "The murder of Yakub Abu al-Kiyan was not the only crime committed by the State of Israel against his village, Umm al-Hiran, and it may not even be the worst."

"In no Jewish community would police have shot at a slow-moving car, and certainly not let its driver bleed to death in that inhumane manner reserved for bleeding Arabs."

"No one has asked where exactly do Bedouin have any rights in this land, which is also theirs. The garbage dump at Abu Dis? The polluted industrial zone at Ramat Hovav? This didn’t happen in 1948 or even 1958. The year was 2017. Without any shame, embarrassment, security excuse or Zionist prattle; pure apartheid in sovereign Israel. To “Judaize,” an abominable term; to get rid of the Bedouin and build for Jews."
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