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How the world reacted to Bahrain, Israel normalising ties (Al Jazeera)

Nations and stakeholders in Israeli-Palestine conflict react to Bahrain and Israel normalising diplomatic relations.

"Bahrain has become the latest Arab nation to agree to normalise ties with Israel as part of a broader diplomatic push by US President Donald Trump and his administration. In a joint statement, the United States, Bahrain and Israel said the agreement was reached after Trump spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Bahrain's King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on Friday."

Palestinian Authority: the agreement was "a stab in the back of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people", like the UAE-Israel deal announced last month, Ahmad Majdalani, social affairs minister in the occupied West Bank. 

Palestinian group calls for worldwide protests over Gulf normalisation deals with Israel (The New Arab)

"A new Palestinian coordination group, which includes members of Fatah, Hamas, and other factions, has called for people around the world to protest Bahraini and Emirati normalisation deals with Israel."

"The Unified National Leadership for Popular Resistance called for Palestinians to demonstrate against the UAE and Bahrain normalisation agreements on 15 September, the same day that the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel are set to formally sign their peace deals at a ceremony in Washington."

"These demonstrations are one of several steps taken by all Palestinian factions, including the Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad movements, in order to unify popular resistance efforts in the West Bank and organize them in a way appropriate to the current challenges," said Munir Al-Jaghoub, an official from Fatah who is taking part in the Unified National Leadership.

Israel’s climate justice movement has a colonialism problem (+972 Magazine)

Climate justice movements worldwide consider anti-racism and ending oppression integral to their struggle. So why aren't Israeli environment activists speaking up for Palestinians?

"Across the world, climate movements are firmly rooted on the political, social, and economic left. Their campaigning and advocacy make connections with struggles for democracy, social justice, and human rights, and speak out against racism, discrimination, nationalism, and neoliberalism. 

"Instead, the Israeli climate movement remains in the comfort zone of the mainstream, whether out of blindness, ideology, or the fear of losing the broad public support that the environmental movement has grown accustomed to over the years."

"Yet we cannot continue to ignore the fact that Israel rules over the lives of those who suffer most from climate injustice. Many of them are Palestinian, Bedouin, residents of the mostly-Mizrahi and working-class periphery, and others living under the shackles of institutional racism and military rule."

Palestinians Rejected Tax Money to Slap Israel. It’s Not Israel That’s Hurting. (The New York Times)

"Palestinian families are suffering intensely as their government’s tax protest continues, even though the cause — Israel’s push to annex the West Bank — has been suspended."

"Diplomats have implored Mr. Abbas to relent on the tax issue and even some senior Palestinian officials are grumbling about the futility of his position."

"But in the meantime, Abu Qusay, a schoolteacher in Hebron paid by the Palestinian Authority, has stopped buying meat for dinner. He has canceled his internet service, skipped neighborhood events where he would be expected to bring gifts, avoided using his car, and pleaded with his wife and four sons to turn off lights and take shorter showers."

"In the meantime, however, Palestinian experts are warning that Mr. Abbas’s administration could soon go broke."

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