IMPACT 100 Owensboro focus groups are in full swing!

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Deadline for Selection of Finalists
August 10, 2012
Finalist Summaries mailed & Site Visits Scheduled
September, 2012
Annual Meeting/Dinner
October 25, 2012

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Boulware Center Mission
Owensboro Community & Technical College Foundation

H.L. Neblett Center
Owensboro Daviess County Regional Dental Clinic

Owensboro Area Museum of Science & History
Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

Habitat for Humanity

Boulware Center Mission
Girls Inc. of Owensboro

Grandma's Corner

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to our community!

2012 Board of Directors

Mission Statement

IMPACT 100 Owensboro is a community of women that seeks to transform lives in the Greater Owensboro area through high-impact and lifelong giving.   

Joy Allen, President

 Summer is an exciting time for IMPACT 100 and our grants committee.  All grants have been submitted and focus groups are in full swing.   A special thank you to our focus group chairs, co-chairs and committee members for their diligent work.  The focus groups are the heart of our organization and we are beating strong!  

On May 23rd a new members reception was held.  Thank you to all who attended this wonderful, informal get together for new members to ask questions and learn more about IMPACT 100.  Cindy Mulligan did an ourstanding job making our wine, cheese, chocolate & women theme a success.

First Security Bank has been kind enough to sponsor our annual dinner/meeting this year by donating $2,000 to IMPACT 100 Owensboro.  If you would like to send a thank you for their generous contribution please see the names and address below.  
Mr. Lynn Cooper, CEO
Mr. Patrick Greenwell, COO
Mr. John Edge, Owensboro Region President
First Security Bank
300 Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY  42301

One hundred percent of membership dollars donated go directly to fund our grants that will be awarded in October.  However, local businesses and individuals can support IMPACT 100 Owensboro by sponsoring events like First Security Bank or becoming a friend with a gift of any size.   All sponsorships and individual contributions to IMPACT 100 Owensboro play an important role in our organization by supporting our operating expenses.  If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me at 929-7896 or Debbie Nunley at 685-2275.
Thank you again for believing in our mission, your POWER OF ONE truly makes a difference.

Joy Allen
IMPACT 100 Owensboro President

Focus Chairs and Co-Chairs for 2012
Pat Jones, Grants Chair

All five focus areas received applications for the two IMPACT 100 grants of $111,000 each.  Focus groups began meeting at the end of May and are continuing into July and early August.  The August 10th decision for the five finalists will be the result of a diligent study of the applications by 68 IMPACT 100 members in the five focus groups.  These members have met for a total of over 20 hours in June reviewing the grants.  Most groups have met weekly.  Several focus groups have submitted follow-up questions to the non-profits while 10 site visits have been scheduled or completed.  More site visits and meetings will take place in July.  When finalists are announced at the August 16th press conference you can be certain that the needs and impact on the community will have been well studied.
     If you have been unable to be part of a focus group, you will have an opportunity in September to do site visits for the finalists.  Being informed about the impact these non-profits intend to make in our community will insure an educated decision when the entire membership comes together at the IMPACT 100 annual meeting in October.  

Pat Jones
2012 Grants Chair


Our 2011 grant recipient, Owensboro Community Technical College Foundation, invited IMPACT 100 Owensboro to an open house for their NEW Math Emporium Lab!!    The IMPACT 100 Open House/Reception was held on June 12th.   The IMPACT 100 Emporium, a “fast-track dash to college readiness” will help students with their math skills through one-on-one instruction. It will provide consolidated, individualized coursework for students to move more quickly through remedial courses.  This resource for OCTC is now ready and available, making a huge IMPACT on the education of OCTC students for years to come!!

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