IMPACT 100 to reveal finalists August 20th!
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August 20:
Press Conference to announce 2013 Grant Finalists
OCTC IMPACT 100 Math Emporium 2:00 pm
1501 Frederica Street

September 6:
2 page summaries of finalists mailed to membership with site visit times & dates

September & October:  
Finalist Site Visits
Times & dates TBA

October 24:
Annual Meeting
Owensboro Country Club

2013 Board of Directors ....

Jean Yewell, Ann Baker, Debbie Nunley, Helen Mountjoy, Cindy Mulligan,
Pat Jones, Sharon Knight,
Joy Allen, Beverly Griffith, Eleanor Sutton, Suzanne Miles, Cathy Foster
Not pictured: Martha Clark, Marianne Smith Edge, Shannon Meyer, Linda Overby, Barbara St. John, Vicki Stogsdill

Grant Recipients....

Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club

Boulware Center Mission
Owensboro Community &
Technical College Foundation

H.L. Neblett Center
Owensboro Daviess County
Regional Dental Clinic

Owensboro Area Museum
of Science & History
Theatre Workshop
of Owensboro

Habitat for Humanity

Boulware Center Mission
Girls Inc. of Owensboro

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to our community!

~ Letter from the President ~

  Joy Allen

Dear Women of IMPACT 100 Owensboro,
We are just now crossing the threshold into what is for us one of the most crucial seasons in our service within our community. The heart of IMPACT 100, our focus groups, are completing their vital work of observing, listening, and learning about our community’s non-profit organizations. After carefully reviewing grants, mining each agency for the richness of their work and asking clarifying questions, and performing engaging site visits, the five focus groups are narrowing their attention in order to submit finalists for the consideration of IMPACT 100. Our long climb toward trying to effect change in our community in 2013 is nearing its peak. But we are not yet there. There is more work to be done, more visits to be made, and more opportunity for you to be involved in this transforming vision.
From the bottom of my heart, I give great thanks to our five focus groups and their competent chairwomen, whose leadership has inevitably been what has kept us faithful to our task, our goal, and our schedule.
On Tuesday, August 20, at 2PM, be sure to attend our special press conference where we will reveal the names of our five finalists, each one of which will benefit from one of our generous grants. Then, in September and October, we will all have the opportunity to see for ourselves what each of our finalists is doing to change our community during our site visits. Please make a point to be there. This is what we have signed up for and committed ourselves to; these finalists deserve our most focused attention. These are important days, indeed.
We are almost there, but there is still much to do. And you, women of IMPACT 100 Owensboro, are needed to be present, to bring your best and most compassionate thinking to the table as we discern how to help realize the dreams of our area’s non-profits for the sake of all those who are in need.

~ Grants Chair ~

 Pat Jones
June and July have been busy months for over 70 IMPACT 100 members who have made up the five focus groups.  Under the leadership of focus chairs and co-chairs, they have reviewed and discussed the grants, submitted questions to clarify information and made site visits.  The decision-making process will conclude by August 9th when all finalists must be selected.   IMPACT 100 members, along with the general public, will learn the names of those finalists on August 20th at a special press conference as the chosen non-profits are introduced.

All Impact 100 members will then be involved in studying a 2-page summary from each of the finalists that will be mailed on September 6th along with a list of site visit times and dates.   If you are a first-time IMPACT 100 member I encourage you to use this information and these site visit opportunities to educate yourself on the non-profits applying for the IMPACT 100 grant.  Those of you who are veteran members know the value of this information in making an informed decision at the Annual Meeting on October 24th.

~ Family Focus Chair ~

Tamara Coy
 Area chairperson, Tamara Coy, had this to say about the importance of site visits when it was time to choose a finalist for the Family focus area –

“As our focus groups worked hard all summer to present our finalists, one of the highlights of our work was the site visits. These site visits are the very heart of what we do at IMPACT 100. When we take up the unique chance to gain first-hand knowledge about non-profit organizations within our community, seeing the good work that they do, we can make better informed decisions in awarding grants. As we review the grant proposals, an applicant’s mission doesn’t always translate through the numerous project details and financial documents.  The benefit of traveling to the agency locations and hearing about the mission gives us a real feel for the work these dedicated people carry out.  I often hear focus members say the visit made the decision more difficult or even changed their minds.

So, I encourage everyone to visit the agency locations for our finalists in September and October. Please take the exciting opportunity that IMPACT 100 provides for us to get to know our recipients and learn more about organizations in our caring community. I look forward to seeing you all at the site visits.”

Family Focus Group Meeting & Site Visit

~ Past Grant Recipient ~

The IMPACT 100 Emporium Math Lab is up and running at Owensboro Community and Technical College, with almost 1,000 students impacted, to date!  On behalf of OCTC and our students, we wish to thank the generous women of IMPACT 100 for their support!  We also want to share with you some of the exciting things our students have said about math, since they’ve had the opportunity to utilize the Emporium. 
I did it!  Close enough to 100%.  I finally did it!  90%.  Made an “A” on my math test.  That’s never happened to me before!!  Woo!  Hoo!  I did it.  I made a 100% on my math test!!!  Study.  Study.   I made an 86% on my test!   Got a 93%.  Did it again!  Passed last test of course with 98.33%.  Fantastic!!!  I received a 100% on my math quiz!!!  I thought it was impossible.  100% on my first quiz.  I got a 100% on my first math test and I passed a quiz that I didn’t think I could pass!  Feels good to do well!  Mastered polynomials.  Learned a new method for fractions.  Yes…solving quadratic equation 31.2 by myself.  Exam #4 91%!!  91% on the final...ready for 150.
While there have been many student success stories since the IMPACT 100 Emporium opened, we would like to share two that demonstrate how successful the IMPACT 100 Emporium has been. 
Shelley Glapion, a single-mother of a three-year old little girl, is attending OCTC to pursue an Associate of Arts degree.  “She’s my inspiration for coming back to school,” says Shelley of her daughter.   Shelley plans to pursue her goal of becoming a social worker by transferring to a four-year college upon completing her degree at OCTC.  A self-starter, Shelley excelled using the IMPACT 100 Emporium, passing two math classes in one semester.  Moreover, she was able to achieve a grade-point-average that made it possible for her to join the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  In addition to having a welcoming, high-tech math lab in which to learn, she liked the way her math class made it possible for her to pace herself and have the opportunity to utilize the lab to work on assignments outside of the regular class time.  Shelley wishes to thank IMPACT 100 for the opportunity, which made it possible for her to save both time and money in her pursuit of a better life for her and her daughter through higher education.     
Sharon Fulkerson, a mother of two teens, was faced with the challenge of re-careering in her 40s.  After working in libraries all of her adult life, she is pursuing a degree at OCTC in medical coding with a long-term goal of pursuing medical office business management.  Having been out of a formal classroom setting for over 20 years, Sharon was very nervous and intimidated about going back to school.  She feared, like most nontraditional students, that she had been out of school too long, which made making such a financial commitment seem risky.  She was particularly dreading taking math, as she had a deep-rooted fear since high school. Fortunately, math was not an issue at OCTC; Sharon completed one math class and moved on to the next class within the same semester.  She describes the IMPACT 100 Emporium as “phenomenal,” and says she now feels like math is definitely achievable.  Sharon would like to thank IMPACT 100 for helping make college success possible for students from low-income backgrounds, those with little access to technology, and students in their 40s.  She is also grateful that she now has the skills to help her children with their math schoolwork. 
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