Impact 100 Owensboro begins their 7th annual membership drive.  
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Upcoming Events....

Grant Training
with Jamie Levy
Tuesday, March 6
8:00 -10:30 a.m.
Settle Memorial ROC
202 East 4th Street

Membership Coffees
Thursday, March 22
Overflow Cafe'
9-11 am
Tuesday, March 27
Great Harvest Bread Co.
4-6 pm 

Membership Deadline
March 31, 2012

Reveal Reception
April, 2012

Grant Submission Deadline
May 24, 2012 by 5 pm

Grant Recipients....

Boulware Center Mission
Owensboro Community & Technical College Foundation

H.L. Neblett Center
Owensboro Daviess County Regional Dental Clinic

Owensboro Area Museum of Science & History
Theatre Workshop of Owensboro

Habitat for Humanity

Boulware Center Mission
Girls Inc. of Owensboro

Grandma's Corner

has donated a total of
to our community!

2012 Board of Directors

Mission Statement

IMPACT 100 Owensboro is a community of women that seeks to transform lives in the Greater Owensboro area through high-impact and lifelong giving.   


Membership Reception...

January 26, 2012
Membership Kickoff
President's Letter from
Joy Allen

 As I flip the calendar page and look at March, I recognize that we are in full swing with our 2012 IMPACT 100 Owensboro Membership Drive.  Incredibly, in just a few weeks the opportunity to say something to a friend, family member or co-worker will be too late.  Let your passion for Impact’s mission speak for itself, as nothing is more convincing than your own experience.  Remember, the POWER OF ONE… It all begins with YOU!
The January Membership Campaign Kickoff reception received an exciting turnout.   Three words described the evening; electric, togetherness and encouragement.  The vision of IMPACT 100 Owensboro was apparent in familiar faces, as well as, many new faces around the room.  Dr. Klauber from OCTC and Leigha Taylor from the Boulware Center, last year's IMPACT 100 Owensboro recepients,  gave brief updates of their project's progress and expressed their thanks to the attendees.  Seeing their faces as they spoke reminded me of the needs being met EVERYDAY in our community thanks to IMPACT 100 Owensboro.   A special thank you to Martha Clark for opening up her beautiful home and to Karen Anderson and Cindy Mulligan, Events Chairs, for arranging such a special evening. 
We have so many things happening right now and so many things in the near future to look forward to.  Expect a 2011 Annual Report, the launch of our new cutting edge website and, of course, the Reveal Reception in April announcing the membership numbers and grant amounts for 2012.  I encourage you to take our '"POWER OF ONE" theme to heart and talk to at least ONE person about why you are an IMPACT 100 Owensboro member.  There is still time to use YOUR POWER OF ONE!

Joy Allen
IMPACT 100 Owensboro President

A Letter From Jean Yewell,
2012 Membership Chair

February and March are exciting months for the Membership Committee.   Each day the mail brings membership forms and checks and we celebrate your commitment to our community through IMPACT 100 Owensboro.   We are progressing at a steady pace (no, I am not going to reveal the current number) but we have not reached our goal!  Thanks  for the names you have submitted in response to our challenge that everyone submit 'one' new name for the membership.  If you have forgotten to send in your 'one',  it is not too late.  Just send it in by return email or call me at 222-0804 and I will contact them.
In March we are going to have 2 "coffee talks" in support of our membership drive.  Thursday, March 22nd at Overflow Cafe' on HWY 54 from 9-11am  and Tuesday, March 27th  at Great Harvest Bread Company on Frederica from 4-6pm.  These 'coffees' will be good Q & A opportunities for you to bring  friends.  There will be time to socialize and mingle in an informal setting while we share the IMPACT 100 Owensboro story.  Of course, you can stop by and drop off memberships also. 
As we begin the final stretch of our 2012 membership drive let's all make an effort to make one extra call, write one extra note or talk to one extra woman.  Remember that we offer shared memberships, that we accept payment by credit card and that while pledges must be made by March 31, members have until September to honor their pledge.  Together we make are making a difference in the Owensboro community. 

Jean Yewell
2012 Membership Chair

March 6, 2012  Grant WritingWorkshop...
Why You Should Come.
Pat Jones, 2012 Grants Chair

 In the last newsletter I invited IMPACT 100 members to contact a favorite community organization and encourage a representative to attend the March 6, 2012 Grant Writing Workshop at Settle Memorial Church.  Our response from agencies has been very positive.  Now, I want you to consider attending.  You may be wondering 'why should I attend?  I'm not going to write a grant.'   There are several reasons why I encourage all our members to attend the Grant Writing Workshop.   First, the awarding of the Impact 100 Owensboro money begins with submission of a grant request that is then reviewed and examined by a Focus Group before being presented to the entire membership.  The more you learn about the writing of a grant, the more prepared and knowledgeable you are to serve as part of a Focus Group and to make an informed decision when you vote at the Annual Meeting in October.  Secondly, you have the opportunity to meet representatives from local non-profits in all focus areas and hear the broad range of needs within the community. Lastly, by hearing ideas and suggestions from grant experts, IMPACT 100 members can become involved in encouraging local community organizations to include grant submission as an option for fund raising.

 This year's workshop will again feature nationally recognized expert, Jamie Levy, as the main presenter, but the format has been changed to include 'speed sessions' so that attendees have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from national and local grant experts in a small group setting.  I hope you will set aside March 6, 2012, 8 - 10:30 a.m. to attend the Grant Writing Workshop at Settle Memorial ROC, 202 E. 4th St. I think you will find it is time well spent! 

Pat Jones
2012 Grants Chair

An Invitation to Volunteer
Barbara St. John,
2012 Volunteer Committee Chair

    As Chair of the “Volunteer Committee” for this year and as we are in the full swing of our Membership recruitment, I want to encourage you to consider ways that you would like to volunteer and be part of this committee for 2012.  The Volunteer Committee’s mission is to “solicit members to participate in various functions/activities of Impact 100 throughout the calendar year.”   There is an opportunity for you to indicate your volunteer preferences on your membership form, and there will be additional opportunities throughout the year ranging to being on Focus Groups to helping on various committees. 
You can contact me directly at barbaracstjohn@gmail.comor call me at 685-5926 if you have any questions about the volunteer opportunities that exist throughout the year.  At the Reveal Reception announcing the size of the grants for 2012, you will have an opportunity to learn more about the various committees and opportunities.

 I look forward to working with you all this year as we begin another exciting year with Impact 100 making major differences in the lives of people in our community.

 Barbara C. St. John
Volunteer Committee Chair 

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