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React Context and Re-Renders: React Take the Wheel
A React context Provider will cause its consumers to re-render whenever the value provided changes. 

This no big deal if you’re passing primitive values to value. If you pass multiple times in a row, the consumers won’t re-render.

However, if you’re passing objects then you’ve got to be more careful. The following code will cause consumers to re-render every time the Menu renders, even if nothing in the Menu actually changed (perhaps the component that rendered Menu is changing state).

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Simple Image Upload with React

At the coding bootcamp where I teach, “How do I upload images with React?” is a question that comes up repeatedly. As with any programming problem there are a million ways to achieve this outcome with various tradeoffs.

Below is a way that I feel accounts for as many possible scenarios you might encounter while maintaining a streamlined codebase.

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Seven Deadly Sins: React Edition by Sara Vieira & Kasia Jastrzebska
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6 Fun React Projects You Can Build Today

If you’re in the middle of trying to learn React, you have probably run into the “the gap.” You’re an intermediate beginner, and the basic tutorials are too easy now. It’s just that it’s hard to figure out what to build. Should you “go big or go home” with a comprehensive real world project?

You have a handle on the basics: components, props, state. You’ve done a tutorial or two, and probably built a few To Do apps. Building more To Do apps won’t take you any further. On the other hand, tackling a huge project that does everything is not a great idea either. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up with lofty goals like that.

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Mastering React Functional Components with Recompose

Over the years I came to a realization that the only proper way to develop high-quality React applications is by writing stateless functional components.

In this article, I will give a brief introduction of functional components, and of higher-order components. After that, we’ll dive right in into refactoring a bloated React component into a clean and elegant solution consisting of multiple composable higher-order components.

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A one year PWA retrospective
The idea of building a “Progressive Web App” (PWA) is not new, but its definition has changed with the emergence of key technologies like service workers. Now it’s finally possible to build great experiences in a mobile browser. Being an early adopter can be scary, so we’d like to share a brief overview of our experience building one of the world’s largest progressive web apps.

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