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Build your own React in 90 lines of JavaScript
When I started learning React I felt whatever it did was pure magic, then I started to wonder what were the actual ingredients of this magic. I started to freak out when I realized whatever React does is very simple and we can build it with few lines of JavaScript if we are not betting on it for our next big startup. This is what has motivated me to write this article and hopefully after reading this, you will also feel the same way.

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How to Memoize Components in React
Memoizing in React is a performance feature of the framework that aims to speed up the render process of components. The technique is used in a wide spectrum of disciplines, from game engines to web applications. This article explores memoization techniques within React specifically, covering the APIs and example use cases along the way.

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Using Composition in React to Avoid "Prop Drilling"
You can compose your React components in different ways to avoid passing props down multiple levels, thereby increasing your component's flexibility PLUS making it more explicit.

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Keeping global state management sane
Maintaining a big and complex react app is not for amateurs. Whatever you may choose to manage your app state, chances are that it's hard to pick up, like redux, or really convoluted, like making yourself a service layer. With the goal of making it easy for new developers to jump into our projects, we at Labcodes decided it was time to give this problem a little more thought. Our answer was rel-events.

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How to Release a Custom JavaScript Node.js React Component, Hook or Effect as an npm Package

At my previous company, I was chatting with a coworker about getting more into open source. I told him I wanted to release an open source npm package. He suggested I try it with a custom React hook/effect I had written the month prior. It had the purpose of closing a dropdown menu or container when you clicked outside of it.

Together, we ambitiously tackled the goal and released a package called react-use-click-away 🎉 It isn’t a perfect package but it gave us that experience we were longing for.

While figuring out how to do all this, I realized it felt more intimidating than it should have. To solve that, I’m going to show you all the things you need to know in order to release your own custom React component, hook or effect as an npm package 😎 Let’s do it!

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Premature Optimize the Heck Out of Your React Apps Using Memoization
This article will take a simple non-optimized React app and then incrementally improve the app's performance by using the useCallback and useMemo hooks, along with the React.memo higher order component. All these techniques are based on the idea of memoization.

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