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My thoughts on endless battle of React state management libraries (setState/useState vs Redux vs Mobx)

This, in contrast to my previous pieces, will be a more opinion based article. So, dear reader, treat everything here with a grain of salt - it's just my feelings, thoughts and ideas related to the problem of state management in React.

Why would you listen to me?

I worked in commercial projects in React that utilized all of the 3 most popular approaches to state management:

  • simply using React built-in state mechanisms,
  • using Redux,
  • using Mobx.

So in this article I will compare those 3 options.

My goal is to present you a balanced opinion on each of this approaches, but more importantly, give a (surely controversial) opinion on why exactly state management became such important problem in React apps, causing people to write countless libraries, articles and conference talks on the topic, that probably should have been solved a long time ago already.

Let's get started!

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⚛️ 🚀 React Component Patterns
This documentation will help identify the trade-offs of the different React patterns and when each pattern would be most appropriate. The following patterns will allow for more useful and reusable code by adhering to design principles like separation of concern, DRY, and code reuse. Some of these patterns will help with problems that arise in large React applications such as prop drilling or managing state. Each major pattern includes an example hosted on CodeSandBox.

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Why I’m Using Next.js in 2020
Learn why the direction of Next.js (a React framework) might be aligned with the future of React.

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Step by Step Guide to create a Typescript Monorepo with Yarn Workspaces and Lerna
Many teams and organizations are adopting monorepo patterns for developers to share and contribute code. This article will not dive into the pros and cons of choosing such an approach, but it seeks to guide you through some Best Practices when creating a monorepo of your own.

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Storybook 6.0. Production-grade component development

Storybook is the world’s favorite component workshop, widely adopted by industry giants, startups, and open source projects alike. It organizes components and their states to structure UI development, testing, and documentation for every major view layer.

The 6.0 release retools Storybook for professional frontend developers.

We researched leading teams at companies like BBC, IBM, Cisco, and Shopify. These teams have successfully scaled component libraries and pioneered their own best-practices.

The new Storybook incorporates these best practices so that all teams can benefit. What’s more, we removed boilerplate and configuration to streamline your developer experience. It includes:

  • 💎 Essentials: Zero-configuration setup
  • 🧬 Args: Next-generation, dynamic story format
  • 🎛 Controls: Live edit component examples
  • 🌐 Composition: Combine multiple Storybooks
  • 📚 Documentation: Complete project overhaul

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A Window of Opportunity: How windowing saved our data table
The modern age of web development that includes modularized, encapsulated web components, has brought us a plethora of tools, technologies, frameworks, and libraries of all varieties. With every such tool that is created to simplify our lives as developers in the long run, there's also a catch we sometimes neglect to consider: the cost of maintenance and performance.

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React video courses
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