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Thinking in React isn’t enough

If you missed my first post on advanced react patterns, I strongly suggest you check it out. A quick skim through the article will give you just enough context

It was a sunny beautiful day. Summer was here and I got to work excited, ready to crush the day. My goal for the day was seemingly simple: push the new product we’d developed over the finish line, and have it on production before the end of day.

There was just one problem.

Most companies work with some sort of shared frontend component library, and mine wasn’t different. One of the tasks left was to make sure users could see our new offering in their basket breakdown while checking out.

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New Features in Create React App 3.3

Create React App is a command-line program that lets us create a new React project easily and build the project into artifacts that we can deploy.

It’s created by the React team and creates a scaffold to the app.

In this article, we’ll look at the cool new features that are available in Create React App 3.3, including some ES2020 features.

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Build a Chrome Extension in React
Learn how to build a Google Chrome extension using React. I'll walk you through the entire codebase, step-by-step!

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React Performance Optimization with React.memo()

React internally already optimizes the performance quite a bit without having to explicitly optimize for performance. React.memo can help you to optimize the number of renders of your React components even further.

In this article I will explain to you how you can optimize React performance by using React.memo, some common pitfalls you could encounter and why you shouldn't always use React.memo.

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Create a React app from scratch with Webpack and Babel
This article will guide you through the process of creating a React app from scratch. It is meant for developers who want a better understanding of how tools like Babel, Webpack, DevServer, React, loaders, and presets make up a modern React app. We'll try to understand how they all fit together by incrementally piecing together an application.

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Working with Azure Application Insights in your React app
Do you really know how your users are interacting with your application? Have they tried out the latest feature you just deployed to production? Examining your user’s behaviour and interaction can be tremendously useful - figuring out where they incur problems or halt a purchase, where in the onboarding process most people fall off, how long time they spend on certain pages, or even just where on the site they’re located, are all valuable information for the further improvement and development of your website.

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