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React v16.6.0: lazy, memo and contextType
Today we’re releasing React 16.6 with a few new convenient features. A form of PureComponent/shouldComponentUpdate for function components, a way to do code splitting using Suspense and an easier way to consume Context from class components.

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Build 100% type-safe React apps in vanilla JavaScript
Or how we can benefit from TypeScript to full extent, without having to write any TS in our codebase, by leveraging standard JSDoc type annotations 👀👌💪
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26 React Interview Questions and Answers in 2018

"Lead JavaScript Developer (React JS) - $130,000 AUD/year". That's a typical job vacancy description for an experienced React Dev in Sydney. Come along and follow the most common React and Redux Interview Questions and Answers from FullStack.Cafe to stand out on your next React interview.

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React Suspense Deep Dive
Suspense is an exciting new fundamental arriving soon in React. This talk explores this interesting new paradigm in-depth on the client and on the server, outlining its implications for current and future front-end development.

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You Might Not Need mapDispatchToProps

One of the top complaints among people using and learning Redux is “all the boilerplate.” And they’re not wrong… you really can end up with a lot of code across a lot of files – action constants, action creators, reducers, initializing it all, and then wiring up the components with mapStateToProps and mapDispatchToProps.

That last one, though, mapDispatchToProps, is what I want to talk about here. Specifically – why you might not need that function, and what you can replace it with instead.

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The Rise of Immer in React

So there is something obviously magic going on with Immer and it is worth spending some time thinking about how Immer’s philosophy may fit particularly well with React’s principles to understand what is going on.

When it comes to understanding React’s philosophy (as separate from React the library as it exists today) there are two documents I constantly refer to: the Design Principles on the official docs and react-basic, a pseudocode progression through core beliefs in React. I’ll highlight three concepts relevant to Immer:

Temporal Mutability

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How To Use the New React Context API

Rumors are flying! Could Context replace redux? Does it make prop drilling extinct? Even if Context !== world peace, the React team has introduced a fantastic tool to simplify one of the most difficult problems frontend developers deal with daily: state management.

Over the past six months, there has been plenty of hype about the new Context. At the end of this post, you’ll know what it is, whether and when you should use it, and how to implement it in your applications.

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