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5 Things I Didn't Know about Create React App

Looking for tips for using Create React App? Here are five features you may not know about.

Create React App is a tool that makes it really easy to create React apps without having to deal with complex configurations. The recent release of Create React App v2 is a great excuse to go through their User Guide one more time, and find interesting features I didn’t know about. Here are my highlights.

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Components testing in React: what and how to test with Jest and Enzyme

Testing React components may be challenging for beginners as well as experienced developers who have already worked with tests. It may be interesting to compare your own approaches with the ones we use in our project. In order to cover the codebase, you have to know which components must be tested and which code exactly in the component should be covered.

During this article, I’ll cover the following topics:

  • Define the correct order of components’ testing based on project structure
  • Find what to omit in test coverage (what not to test)
  • Identify the necessity of Snapshot Testing
  • Define what to test in the component and in which order
  • Provide detailed custom code examples

The article requires that you have knowledge about Jest and Enzyme setup. Information about installation and configuration can be easily found on their official websites.

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React 16.6 - What's New? Theory + Practice
React 16.6 is out - what's new and how can you use it? Dive into React.memo(), React.lazy() and the enhanced Context API. React 16.6 brings a lot of fun features - let's explore them!

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React hooks: not magic, just arrays
Untangling the rules around the proposal using diagrams

I am a huge fan of the new hooks API. However, it has some odd constraintsabout how you need to use it. Here I present a model for how to think about using the new API for those that are struggling to understand the reasons for those rules.

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React context and performance

Earlier this year, the React team introduced an improved context API. The new API made a big splash: it looks nicer, uses render functions, and to top it all off, it’s finally official. But one of the most important changes is hidden under the hood.

Until the new context API was released, React made it difficult to use context with PureComponent or shouldComponentUpdate. To solve this problem, many developers turned to state management tools like Redux. But with the recent update, context now works great with PureComponent and shouldComponentUpdate. So people have been asking the question: does context replace Redux?

To cut a long story short, context can replace Redux, but it won’t do everything that Redux does. In particular, it won’t perform any of the optimizations that Redux gives you for free. So before you replace Redux with context, there’s a thing or two that you should know about performance.

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Goodbye Redux

For the last few years, internet technologies have been shifting towards front-end JavaScript frameworks as a method of building better user experiences for web and mobile applications. This is awesome 🔥 I personally love the flexibility that these frameworks give us.

But has the amount of flexibility gone too far…

To really understand why this might be the case, let’s rewind the clock and look at how apps were built before JavaScript frameworks even existed.

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