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What Are the React Team Principles?
During my time on the React team, I’ve been lucky to see how JordanSebastianSophie and other tenured team members approach problems. In this post, I’m distilling what I learned from them into a few high-level technical principles. These principles aren’t meant to be exhaustive. This is my personal attempt to formalize observations about how the React team operates — other team members may have different perspectives.

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Home-baked Hooks
About a year ago, Sophie Alpert and Dan Abramov presented one of the most exciting new features in React: Hooks. Release 16.8 introduced several alternatives that can be used directly (e.g. useState, useEffect and some others), but also provided the possibility to create your very own hooks – Custom Hooks.

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How to use React Hooks

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8 Useful Tricks for React Apps You Should Know

React has gone through many shifts in stages that never fail to amaze its fans.

At first, we had mixins to create and manage our interface, then came the concept of class components, and now React Hooks which has changed the way we build our apps in React.

You know what else is great? Knowing some neat tricks you can do in React that will help you to build your apps better (if you came across something you didn’t know you can do, of course).

This article will go over eight neat tricks in React that every React developer should know.

Now, I’m not expecting every single item in this list to be new to you, but I’m hoping that you find at least one item in this list useful to you that you didn’t know you could do until now.

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React component library: Develop a multilingual app

Personalized content, push notifications, offline content and instant updates are just some of the advantages of apps today. Mobile applications provide a great user experience and developers use React to quickly build these apps across different platforms.

React offers different libraries, already written components, to add internationalization to the apps. Significantly reducing time and costs for the developers, these international libraries allow the app to function and be supported in any language around the world. 

(Interested in learning about React components? We have a simple guide on how to build reusable components using React)

While there are many international libraries to choose from, we have analyzed the top 4 React Component Libraries.

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How React’s useEffect Hook Works
For those of you who learned about React via stateful components, useEffect is probably going to be the trickiest hook for you to learn. It certainly was for me. Frameworks today are simplifying their APIs, and that’s what useEffect is trying to do. It does simplify things, but it changes them a lot, too.

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