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Testing hooks with react-hooks-testing-library and Redux
The hooks are an exciting addition to React and undoubtedly one that helps us to separate the logic from the template. Doing so makes the above logic more testable. Unfortunately, testing hooks does not prove to be that straightforward. In this article, we look into how we can deal with it using react-hooks-testing-library.

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How to write correctly typed React components with TypeScript

If you are a software developer — especially if you write JavaScript — then you have probably heard of TypeScript. Hundreds of courses, forum discussions, and talks have been created regarding this technology, and interest is still growing.

TypeScript is a strict, typed superset of JavaScript developed by Microsoft. It basically starts from the usual JavaScript codebase we all know and compiles to JavaScript files, while adding some very cool features along the way.

JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, and love it or hate it, it can be a very dangerous behavior. In fact, it can cause subtle issues in our program when some entities are not used as intended.

With TypeScript, we can avoid these kinds of errors by introducing static types. This mechanism will save us a lot of time in debugging since any type error will prevent you from running your code. And also note that usage of types is completely optional; you will be able to use it discretely whenever you think it’s necessary in your code.

With TypeScript, you will also able to use the most recent ES6 and ES7 features with no need to worry about browser support. The compiler will automatically convert them to ES5, leaving you space to focus on more important parts of your project and saving time spent testing browser compatibility.

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How to do Test-Driven Development with React

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Behavior-driven React development with Cucumber
This article is not meant to sell you on behavior-driven development. If you are reading this, you likely already know the benefits. This article is a tutorial for getting Cucumber testing into your React project today.

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The Problem with React's Context API

React’s context API is awesome. As someone that looked at Redux as a junior developer and instantly felt defeated, learning about context was a relief. I used it in my apps, quickly forgot about Redux, and never looked back.

That is, until I heard about the supposed performance problems with the Context API. Now, the big names in the React community will tell you not to worry about performance unless you start seeing issues. And yet, I keep hearing about context problems from other developers. One fellow even mentioned his boss banning the use of Context on their project.

Let’s review the Context API in case you’re unfamiliar before we talk about its problems.

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How to test React-Redux hooks via Jest
I love the new hooks from redux-react. It simplify things a lot. Let’s see how to test it.
TBH, the solutions can be applied to any react hooks.

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