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Create React App 2.0: Babel 7, Sass, and More

Create React App 2.0 has been released today, and it brings a year’s worth of improvements in a single dependency update.

While React itself doesn’t require any build dependencies, it can be challenging to write a complex app without a fast test runner, a production minifier, and a modular codebase. Since the very first release, the goal of Create React App has been to help you focus on what matters the most — your application code — and to handle build and testing setup for you.

Many of the tools it relies on have since released new versions containing new features and performance improvements: Babel 7webpack 4, and Jest 23. However, updating them manually and making them work well together takes a lot of effort. And this is exactly what Create React App 2.0 contributors have been busy with for the past few months: migrating the configuration and dependencies so that you don’t need to do it yourself.

Now that Create React App 2.0 is out of beta, let’s see what’s new and how you can try it!

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Announcing Gatsby 2.0.0 🎉🎉🎉

We’re incredibly pleased to announce the 2nd major release of Gatsby!

Gatsby is a blazing fast modern website and app generator. Thousands of developers use Gatsby to create amazing blogs, apps, marketing and ecommerce sites, documentation, and more!

V2.0.0 is the result of months of hard work by the Gatsby core team and 315 contributors. Thank you!

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Ryan Florence Route Recalculating

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Data fetching in Redux apps - a 100% correct approach

Redux is a great tool that solves one of the main problems of UI frameworks: state management.

State management on the client side can quickly grow into a nightmare, and the unidirectional flow of data Redux enforces makes it easy to understand how events alter the state of your application.


Sadly, state management is just one of the many issues you have to deal with while building robust applications. What about handling side effects (like network requests, the most common)?

Redux, by itself, doesn’t provide a solution out of the box. Fortunately, the community has a good number of libraries maintained to solve the problem.

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Simple internationalization of React apps

Internationalization is a perfect way to make you project accessible for wider audience.

react-intl is still a standard when it comes to i18n of React apps. Even though it haven’t been maintained for about a year, the community is so strong that it’s gaining on popularity and new independent tools are constantly being published.

I would like to introduce you to alternative i18n solution I’ve been working on for the last year and a half — LinguiJS. The low-level API is very similar to react-intl to make migration of my projects easier, but on top of that there’s a completely different developer experience.

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JavaScript fundamentals before learning React

After all my teachings about React, be it online for a larger audience or on-site for companies transitioning to web development and React, I always come to the conclusion that React is all about JavaScript. Newcomers to React but also myself see it as an advantage, because you carry your JavaScript knowledge for a longer time around compared to your React skills.

During my workshops a greater part of the material is about JavaScript and not React. Most of it boils down to JavaScript ES6 and beyond features and syntax, but also ternary operators, shorthand versions in the language, the this object, JavaScript built-in functions (map, reduce, filter) or more general concepts such as composability, reusability, immutability or higher-order functions. These are the fundamentals, which you don’t need necessarily to master before starting with React, but which will definitely come up while learning or practicing it.

The following walkthrough is my attempt giving you an almost extensive yet concise list about all the different JavaScript functionalities to complement your React application. If you have any other things which are not in the list, just leave a comment for this article and I will keep it up to date.

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