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Breaking Down Bulky Builds With Netlify And Next.js
Static Generation is great for performance — until the app gets too big and build-times go through the roof. Today, we’ll have a look at how Netlify’s fresh On-Demand Builders can fix that. Additionally, we pair it up with Next.js’ Incremental Static Regeneration for the best user and developer experience. And, of course, benchmark those results!

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Redux Alternatives in 2021

Are you building or planning to build a React application, and need some way to handle your state? Then you are spoiled for choice. The state management scene might have been calming down after its initial explosion in 2014, but there are still plenty of both stable and cutting edge alternatives to look into.

Redux has been the market leader for years now, but thanks to developments in both React itself and competing technologies, there might be better choices available.

This article will introduce you to a variety of different approaches that will enable you to write maintainable, testable and understandable applications in no time.

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React.js TypeScript Conditional Props - Props that depend on other Props
Conditional props are props that depend on other props values/types. In this video we will look into conditional properties while using react and TypeScript.

This is very useful when we have a prop that should only be set when another prop has a specified value. This can also be used to restrict the type/value of a property depending on another prop.

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💡 React Hooks: async function in the useEffect

When you're new to React Hooks, you may notice that you get warnings and bugs if you use an async function inside the useEffect Hook. Let's find out why this happens.

There are dozens of articles and issues about how to use async in the React Hooks:

Why is this happening?

Async functions always return a promise so you will not have the actual value until the Promise is fulfilled.

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Why We Switched From Webpack To Vite

At Replit, our mission is to make programming more accessible. We provide people with free compute in the cloud so that they can build apps on any device. Among the most popular ways to create apps on the web today is React. Historically, however, React tooling has been slow on Replit. While the JavaScript ecosystem has produced excellent tools for professional developers, many of the most popular ones, like Create React App and Webpack, have become increasingly complex and inefficient.

Fortunately, we've seen the JavaScript community recognize this problem and move to build faster and more efficient tooling, which means we can finally deliver the experience our users expect from us.

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A Complete Guide To Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) With Next.js
Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR) is a new evolution of the Jamstack, allowing you to update static content instantly without needing a full rebuild of your site. The hybrid approach of Next.js allows you to use ISR for e-commerce, marketing pages, blog posts, ad-backed media, and more.

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