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React Children And Iteration Methods
In this article, we’ll discuss and learn about the use case of iterating over React children and the ways to do it. In particular, we will deep dive into one of the utility methods, React.Children.toArray, that React gives us, which helps to iterate over the children in a way which ensures performance and determinism.

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React 18 adds automatic batching
Batching is a React feature that combines all the state updates into a single update, causing a single re-render thereby improving the performance of the app. In earlier versions of React, batching was only done for the event handlers.

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How To Write React Architecture & Testing From Scratch

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10 Useful Custom React Hooks

You know them and love them that’s right I’m talking about React hooks. They are the most useful and reusable code bites around. I guess you could say I’m hooked.

But not all hooks are created equal. The basic ones get used regularly and usually do the job. But sometimes extra utility is needed, here are 10 useful custom React hooks I’ve come across.

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Getting started with Typescript with React Hooks

Typescript is the next big thing in the Front End Development domain and if you are looking to upgrade your skills from a junior to an intermediate frontend developer, then it is a must have skill.
Typescript is a a superscript of javascript, so if you know javascript you are already half way there! What Typescript brings to the table is more error-free code with type checking during run time and a code which can be easily documented.

This article is for developers who already know react and javascript and want to shift to typescript, so I won't be focusing on any react concepts. This is a crash course on understanding the basics of using Typescript with React.

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Creating Data Visualizations with D3 and ReactJS

D3 is a lot more than just a graphing library, it's a toolset for efficiently editing the DOM and creating visualizations based on data.

If all you want is to quickly insert a generic bar graph into your app, then D3 is probably not for you, but if you want the ability to customize your visualizations from the ground up, then D3 is the industry standard.

In this tutorial, we are going to create three different simple visualizations with D3 in React. 

Now while these things can be done without D3 and aren't particularly flashy, they highlight some of the basics of D3 very well. If you want to see some cool demos to get a sense of just how powerful D3 is, then check out some of the demos on the D3.js home page.

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