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Introducing the New React DevTools
We are excited to announce a new release of the React Developer Tools, available today in Chrome, Firefox, and (Chromium) Edge!

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Designing automated tests for React

Why write automated tests? Because we want to make sure our expectations hold true over time. Tests are maintenance: Long after your code is written, people will edit it. Tests are also documentation: They record your code’s expected usage and behavior. An ideal test only fails when behavior unintentionally changes.

When I joined Mailchimp’s frontend platform team in August 2018, they had no JavaScript tests in use at all. The frontend team is relatively small, and tests are new to many frontend engineers, so we wrote a test design philosophy and created common ground through constant pairing and pull request review. Our first test was merged in November 2018, and hundreds have followed. We’ve come up with testing approaches that work for us. Maybe some will work for you too.

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Forms in React with Formik
This video covers how to use Formik to create and manage forms in React. We'll cover getting user input, validating it with Yup, and then handling the form submission.

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21 Performance Optimization Techniques for React

This article is focused on optimizing the performance of a React application.

React offers a lot of optimization for designing high-performance applications which can be achieved by following some of these best practices.

Parent and child components are often re-rendered in the following scenario:

  1. When setState is called in the same component or parent component.
  2. Change in the value of “props” received from a parent.
  3. Calling forceUpdate in the component.

Here are 21 techniques we can use to improve the performance of our React applications.

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React defaultProps is dying, who’s the contender?
React as we all know it, is changing. As a frontend developer with React experience for the past 3 years, selling me these changes was quite hard. 
I’m here today as the seller and not as the buyer, hoping I will catch you in the fever I got once I understood what’s behind all these changes :)

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Logic-less JSX
HTML is a declarative language with great readability. JSX, and templating engines in general, give us the power to mix logic and HTML. We've all experienced how JSX can become difficult to understand as our components grow in complexity. This article presents approaches that we can use to keep the mess out of our JSX, and make our code more readable and maintainable. Let's take a look at a simple example.

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