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Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide

Immutability can be a confusing topic, and it pops up all over the place in React, Redux, and JavaScript in general.

You might’ve run into bugs where your React components don’t re-render, even though you know you’ve changed the props, and someone said, “You should be doing immutable state updates.” Maybe you or one of your teammates regularly writes Redux reducers that mutate state, and you have to constantly correct them (the reducers, or your teammates 😄)

It’s tricky. It can be really subtle, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. And honestly, if you’re not sure why it matters, it’s hard to care.

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Understanding Javascript Selectors With and Without Reselect
While Selectors aren’t particular to Javascript, React, Redux or Reselect, this article will focus on their use in the context of those technologies and assumes you have a solid understanding of both React and Redux. So, let’s begin!

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Inclusive React: A Survival Guide

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An Introduction to Using Form Elements in React
Forms admittedly are not the most fun things to code in web development, but after exploring some of the tools offered in the React community, combined with a component based structure that comes naturally with React, I am beginning to relax somewhat when complex forms are required — it is easier to build, manage and validate form inputs with the range of tools React offers than say a PHP or Python solution. I know, that is a bold statement to make.

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A cheatsheet for react users using typescript with react
👋 This repo is maintained by @swyx and @IslamAttrash, we're so happy you want to try out Typescript with React! This is meant to be an intermediate guide for React developers familiar with the concepts of Typescript but who are just getting started writing their first React + Typescript apps. If you see anything wrong or missing, please file an issue! 👍

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How To Debug Jest Tests

Hey there! My name is Anson and I work on the Platform team at Artsy. Recently, we faced an issue where a certain Enzyme test we wrote using mock tracking was failing, but we couldn't figure out why. Luckily, with some help from Orta and some clever thinking, we figured out what was going on.

We thought it was an issue with the mock testing library we had written. We tried to fix the problem by sprinkling console.log calls throughout the test, but it was still hard to figure out what was going on, especially without knowing how to peek into the properties of certain objects.

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