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A Simple Intro to React Hooks

The other day, the React team released a big new feature.

It’s called Hooks.

Or, I should say, they’re called Hooks, because there are a handful of them. But I’m jumping ahead. (I’m kinda excited). Let me take a step back.

What are Hooks?

You know how React class components can hold state, and function components can’t?

And how class components can have lifecycles, and function components can’t?

And how class components can extend PureComponent, but function components are stuck rendering every single time?

Well – hooks change all that (and technically that last one is solved by the new React.memo function in 16.6).

Hooks make it possible to take a React function component and add state to it, or hook into lifecycle methods like componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate(see what I did there).

From here on out, if you write a function component, and later decide that it needs a bit of state, you don’t have to refactor the whole thing into a class. Those functions are no longer relegated to being “stateless function components”.

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Fullstack React: The Fullstack Guide To What's New in Create React App 2.0 - And How To Use It - Sass, Fragments, Code Splitting and More

Create React App lets you quickly create React apps with little-to-no build configuration. And this new update gives your app super-powers.

Create React App lets you quickly create React apps with no build configuration.

The version 2.0 was recently announced and its packed with tons of new features.

This post is a guide to using nearly every new feature of the create react app 2.0.

Here's what Facebook said was new in their blog post

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State Management Beyond the Libraries / Michel Weststrate
Many battles have been fought over what is the best way to do state management. A gazillion of strategies and libraries are out there. Let’s take a step back for a moment...

Why is state management relevant in the first place? What problems does it solve? For example, many debates are about mutability or immutability. I’ll suggest the more fundamental question to ask: identities or values? With these concepts in mind we will take a look at several libraries and frameworks and recognize the patterns. We will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. Finally, I’ll show that those concepts are even highly interchangeable with a PoC that will blow your mind.

My goal, is to enable you to reason about state on a far more fundamental level. Resulting in better system design and earlier recognition of bugs.

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How to build GitHub search functionality in React with RxJS 6 and Recompose
This post is intended for those with React and RxJS experience. I’m just sharing patterns I found useful while making this UI.

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React Suspense with the Fetch API
From the legend Dan Abramov himself, we receive such gems as “There is [no data fetching solution compatible with React Suspense] that exists yet,” and “[React Cache] will be the first one,” and “Suspense is limited to code splitting.”

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Grabbing the flame 🔥
Pull up a chair and warm your hands by the fire. Let me share with you three stories from my front-end performance adventures. I work on react-beautiful-dnd at Atlassian. The library aims to provide a drag and drop experience for the web that feels more physical.

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