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React Design Patterns: Generating User-configured UI Using The Visitor Pattern

I had a problem in my React app: I needed to render a form with multiple inputs  of multiple types: date fields, number fields, dropdowns: the usual suspects.

But here's the kicker: similar to form builders like SureveyMonkey or Typeform, users need to be able to design these forms themselves and configure them to include whatever fields they need.

How do I go about this? Users won't be writing React themselves so I need a data model that describes their form's configuration. While data structures and algorithms are not typically my strong-suit, what I landed on is what I came to realize is the Visitor Pattern but implemented with React components.

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React 18 and the future of async data
Friend, I have glimpsed the future and it is amazing.

React 18 is shipping with <Suspense> and startTransition for deferred component rendering, but not data loading. That's coming in a future 18.x version.

To explore that future, I built a side-by-side comparison of current best practice – React Query – and future <Suspense> for data fetching. Using the latest experimental version of React.

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React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know - Kimrof introduction

This video is part of the React Hooks Tips Only the Pros Know training. Follow the link for the full course:

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Next.js 11.1

We're improving build performance across the entire stack with Next.js 11.1, featuring:

Update today by running npm i next@latest.

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React state validation hook using Yup
In this blog, we will create a state validation hook in react using Yup. I am also going to use ramda a functional library (if you are not using it already, do give it a try).

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How to stop re-rendering lists in React?
You have a list of components in React. The parent holds the state and passes it to the list items. Every time you update the property of one of the components in the list, the entire list re-renders. How to prevent that?

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