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Testing React.js Hooks And Components: The Missing Piece
React.js Testing manual describes the basis for unit and e2e testing of React components. But I found it to be lacking key advice concerning integration tests, and how to use Storybook to boost observability and debuggability.

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Global vs. Local Styling In Next.js
Next.js has strong opinions about how to organize JavaScript but not CSS. How can we develop patterns that encourage best CSS practices while also following the framework’s logic? The answer is surprisingly simple — to write well-structured CSS that balances global and local styling concerns.

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Hooks are a great abstraction model
The discussion explores the separation of concerns between logic (Model) and UI (View) and how React hooks are a great abstraction model that help achieve that. We'll start with designing a component's API (in a top down approach), then dive deeper to explore how to implement this API, while maintaining a good separation of concerns. We'll create custom React hooks to implement the Model and React components for the UI. Both expose self-documenting APIs and are completely decoupled from each other. To demo this approach, we'll create a simple Toggler component (a UI component that allows going back and forth in an array of values). Towards the end, we'll explore the benefits, focusing on testing these decoupled units in isolation.

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A Visual Guide to React Rendering - useMemo

A quick quiz:

Child wrapped with memo. When the user role is “Admin”, we want to pass an option to the Child to show a sidebar. However, the Child re-renders even when we change the user name. How do we prevent that?

Should we wrap showSidebar calculation in useMemo ? Scroll down to see the answer 👇

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How to Perform CRUD Operations using React, React Hooks, and Axios

If you're working with React, it can be quite difficult to understand and implement API Requests.

So in this article, we'll learn how it all works by implementing CRUD Operations using React, React Hooks, React Router, and Axios.

Let's dive in.

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Dockerize your React app

Hey, welcome back. This article is part of the Dockerize series, make sure to checkout the Introduction where I go over some concepts we are going to use.

Today we'll dockerize our React application by taking advantage of builder pattern with multi stage builds for optimization!

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