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Oh, the Suspense!

The American dictionary states that suspense means a feeling of excitement while waiting for something uncertain to happen. So, let’s get excited and learn about React.Suspense and how this helps us wait for something uncertain!

React.Suspense is a component that let you suspend, or delay, the component rendering if the components, or soon data, are imported from outside your loaded code. Later this December we may or may not, learn about Suspense for data fetching, but right now we are diving into how React.Suspense is used today with code splitting.

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Tried & True Developer Productivity Tips from 25 React Experts

The kaizen philosophy is centered around the idea of making small steps every day to get ever better in what one does. This process includes - and gets more efficient through - becoming more productive. As React developers, we wanted to learn (and share) what are the experts' top-of-mind tips, tricks and best practices that can make a React developer more productive. And so, the KendoReact team turned to 25 experts from the React and JavaScript community and asked them this one question:

What are your top productivity tips (tools, shortcuts, practices, resources) you'd give fellow React developers?

Read on to find out what Emma Wedekind and chantastic had to say about asking the right questions and mastering the basics. You'll also hear from Kent C. Dodds, who highlights the importance of teaching and helping others as you learn. There’s also Kitze and Dan Wahlin with helpful perspectives concerning Redux - plus plenty more fantastic, high-quality ideas! So let's dive in. Take advantage of this resource - you are bound to find something to capture your imagination and experiment with.

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My 1st experience with TypeScript
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4 Custom Hooks to Boost Your React App
After 9 months since the first stable release, React Hooks have changed the way frontend developers write React components. It’s a normal step in the evolution process of libraries like this, the introduction of new features decides which libraries and frameworks survive over others in the continuous race of frontend development. React was already a highly regarded frontend library, but with the React Hooks introduction, it made a big step.

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Boost your GraphQL development with GraphQL Zeus
GraphQL Zeus is an open-source (MIT) graphql client & code generator working with a Browser, Node.js & React Native. It provides an auto-complete client library for JavaScript or TypeScript supporting auto-completion for strongly typed queries. It’s maintained by Artur Czemiel (follow him on Twitter for latest GraphQL Zeus news & updates).

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Build the Next Generation of Forms With React Hooks Forms
Why Not Other React Library Forms?

It’s really simple, there are multiple good reasons:

  1. Performance is important and package size matters. This is a tiny library without any dependencies.
  2. Reduces the code to handle forms, with less complexity due to the Hooks. You can find a complete code comparison here.
  3. Minimizes the number of re-renders and faster mount, striving to provide the best user experience. Twenty times less than other packages like Formik or Redux Form.
  4. Easy to adopt as form state is inherently local, it can be easily adopted without other dependencies.

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