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How using component-based design helps us build faster

To understand the impact of a component-based design and how it enables us to develop faster on the Twitter web codebase, we’ll need to take a step back. Not too long ago when you opened up Twitter it was a lot more “square”, from borders to buttons to avatars. When it came time to do a design refresh in 2017, we needed to coordinate the change across all of our clients: the Android and iOS apps, the desktop website, and the mobile website.

Updating the design of the legacy desktop website took many engineers two months to complete. One particularly painful change probably sounds like it should have been quite trivial: rounding the edges of buttons. But because the legacy website had no universal button component and many different variations even within re-used button code, this involved manually updating and visually verifying 442 different instances of buttons.

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ReactJS Interview Questions for Senior Developers

If you have a few developers in a room who have been working with React for 3+ years, there is a very small chance they will ask you questions like “the difference between props and state”.

Instead, people want to see your knowledge about common ReactJS patterns, well-known pitfalls, how to refactor and test your components and more.

You can work with React for years and actually have no opinion on some of the less practical questions and it’s fine. However, if you have an interview, then it’s quite important to have an opinion. Why? Well, first, it feels good to be able to answer interviewer’s questions and also shows your interest in the subject.

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A Deep Dive into React-Redux | React Next 2019
Redux and React are frequently used together, and many people are familiar with the "Provider" and "connect" APIs from React-Redux. But how does React-Redux work, and why do we even need it in the first place? Join Redux maintainer Mark Erikson on a journey through the history and internals of React-Redux. We'll dig into: - How a UI layer interacts with the Redux store - The design goals that shaped the React-Redux API - How the React-Redux implementation has changed over time - What the future holds for React-Redux

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Building reusable components using React
React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces. To build an application using React, you just need to build encapsulated components that can contain their own state. Your application should basically be a collection of composable React components which can be reused multiple times.

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How to Handle Authentication in React App with Context and Hooks
Identity management in React can be quite confusing because there are multiple ways you can handle the user sessions in your application. This tutorial will show how you can handle identity management in React by creating a global state for your authentication details with Context and update these details with Hooks. If you need, you can check this repo to see the files created throughout this article.

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Best practices for building a large scale react application

This article describes the steps to building a large scale React application. While making a Single Page App with React, it is very easy for your code-base to become unorganized. This makes the app hard to debug and even harder to update or to extend the codebase.


There are many good libraries in the React ecosystem that can be used to manage certain aspects of the app, this article covers some of them in depth. Other than that, it lists some good practices to follow from the beginning of the project if you have scalability in mind. With that being said let’s head to the first step - how to plan ahead of time.

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