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Introducing the New JSX Transform
Although React 17 doesn’t contain new features, it will provide support for a new version of the JSX transform. In this post, we will describe what it is and how to try it.

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Redux vs React's Context API

For the last few years, Redux has been THE state management solution for bigger React apps.

It’s far from being dead and yet, a strong enemy is arising: React’s Context API!

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Building a Netflix Clone - React Tutorial - Styled Components - Firebase

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A Practical Guide To Product Tours In React Apps
Showcasing new product features to users or familiarizing them with some UI functionality in a web app can get tedious, especially when you want users to see a lot of things. In the following guide, you’ll learn how to proactively use product tours to onboard users into a new and complex UX, and how to familiarize them with UI functionality without boring them, using a typical React app.

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React debounce and throttle with hooks
Hooks are a brilliant addition to React. They simplify a lot of logic that had to be earlier split up into different lifecycles with class components. They do, however, require a different mental model, especially for timers.

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React Hook Form VS Formik

Working with forms is one of the most challenging problems to solve when developing applications with React. React is a minimalist UI library focused only on controlling the behavior of the interface, making sure that the UI change appropriately as a response to the user’s activity.

It doesn’t offer a complete solution for responding to user’s inputs, but it does offer a method to save form values into local state with Controlled Components.

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