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Making Sense of React Hooks

I strongly recommend to watch this opening keynote to see the problems we’re trying to solve with the Hooks proposal. However, even an hour is a big time investment, so I decided to share a few thoughts on Hooks below.

Note: Hooks are an experimental proposal to React. You don’t need to learn about them right now. Also, note that this post contains my personal opinions and doesn’t necessarily reflect the positions of the React team.

Why Hooks?

We know that components and top-down data flow help us organize a large UI into small, independent, reusable pieces. However, we often can’t break complex components down any further because the logic is stateful and can’t be extracted to a function or another component. Sometimes that’s what people mean when they say React doesn’t let them “separate concerns.”

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11 React UI Component Playgrounds for 2018
Useful online playgrounds and editors for your UI components

As the age of components is upon us, the building blocks of our application’s UI become a bigger part of our development process.

When building with UI components, development speed and the ability to organize and share components becomes critical in the process.

Many tools were formed in order to aid in this workflow, from docs builders to live online playgrounds and catalogs to faster sharing.

To help you find the right tool, here is a short (unranked) rundown of some useful playgrounds to help you visualize, test, share and develop React components. Feel free to comment and add your own suggestions!

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React Today and Tomorrow and 90% Cleaner React
The first three talks from React Conf 2018 by Sophie Alpert, Dan Abramov, and Ryan Florence.

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How to eliminate React performance issues now
Have you ever wondered how to make your React applications faster?


How about having a checklist for eliminating common react performance issues?

Well, you are in the right place.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a pragmatic step-by-step guide to eliminating common react performance issues.

First, I’ll show you the problems, and then provide solutions to them. In doing this, you’ll be able to carry over the same concepts to your real-world projects.

The goal of this article is not to be a lengthy essay, rather, I’ll discuss quick tips you can start using in your applications today.

Let’s get started!

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What and How to Test with Jest and Enzyme. Full Instruction on React Components Testing

esting React components may be challenging for beginners and experienced developers who have already worked with tests. It may be interesting to compare your own approaches with the ones we use in our project. In order to cover the codebase, you have to know which components must be tested and which code exactly in component should be covered.

During reading, I’ll cover the next topics:

  • Define the correct order of components’ testing based on project structure
  • Find what to omit in test coverage (what not to test)
  • Identify the necessity of Snapshot Testing
  • Define what to test in the component and in which order
  • Provide detailed custom code examples

The article requires that the reader already has knowledge about Jest and Enzyme setup. Information about installation and configuration can be easily found on the web or official websites.

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Finally, a React Refactoring Tool - Introducing Glean
React is the predominant framework today for web and mobile UI development, and it’s no surprise it is widely used by Wix Engineering. However, when it came to large-scale refactoring projects, there were no proper tools that could help with the process, and developers got used to a lot of keyboard activity with loads of ctrl+C and ctrl+V. Manual refactoring of React code was, therefore, quite time consuming and somewhat tedious, as well as error-prone when done on a massive scale. As JS is dynamic, refactoring automation could be quite a challenge to implement and that could explain the little support it has in common IDEs.

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