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Creating a React Analytics Logging Library

Like many applications, the Slack desktop app logs how users interact with it. For example, it may log when a user views a screen or clicks on a button. Product Managers and Data Scientists analyze the logs, hoping to discover actionable insights to drive product refinements.

Slack’s desktop application is written in React. We built a React analytics logging library to: 1) increase developer velocity by making it easier to write logging code, 2) reduce log data errors, and 3) create a viewer to get a real-time look at logging. In this first (of two parts) article, we examine how we reached these goals, reviewing key pieces of the library: data sharing, logging impressions, and other events.

We’ve broken this post down into three sections:

  • Sharing Data Efficiently: how to share log data between components without manual data copying and code duplication — thereby increasing velocity and reducing data errors
  • Smarter Impressions: how we made it easy to log impressions while improving impression accuracy
  • Easy Event Logging: how we simplified logging events, like clicks, while bolstering data consistency

Let’s dive in!

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Keeping up with React Libraries

t’s no secret React has a library discoverability problem.

While the number of stars in GitHub and weekly downloads in npm might be a good starting point for finding quality libraries, normally you have to wade through a lot of reddit, hacker news, and individual blog posts to find the best ones.

In this (continually updated) article, I’ll be adding libraries (excluding component libraries, I track those here) worth talking about on a single page.

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End to end (e2e) test with Cypress in React application - step by step
In this tutorial I will show you how to use Cypress to write tests for React. We will install Cypress, configure it and write a test case to test our React application.

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Why React Hooks over HOCs

In a modern React world, everyone uses  with . However, the concept of  is still applicable in a modern React world, because they can be used for class components and function components. Therefore they are the perfect bridge for using reusable abstractions among .

I am still an advocate for higher-order components these days because their composable nature of enhancing components fascinates me. However, there are problems with HOCs which shouldn't be denied and which are entirely solved by React Hooks. This is why I want to point out these problems, so that developers can make an informed decision whether they want to use an HOC over an Hook for certain scenarios or whether they just want to go all-in with React Hooks after all.

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React, TypeScript & Mobx

I build the web application that allows us to work with Mobx, TypeScript, React, and 3rd API Services. This article focuses on practical examples as the best way to understand the concepts of technologies and part of patterns theory.

I'll use two ways of organizing React Components for showing different ways of using stores, Class-based Components, and Functional Components with React Hooks.

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Build a TikTok Clone with React and Firebase

In this article, we will build our TikTok clone with React and firebase, and also we will explore the cool feature of React hooks.

TikTok video-sharing app has become very popular among entertainment applications these days. This application has millions of users who span across the world.

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