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Make your own DevTools

How many times have you entered the username/password on the local version of your app? How many times have you filled out that one form just so you could fix that bug that only shows up when some specific fields are filled in a specific way? How annoying is it to have to restart your dev server when you want to change which backend environments your frontend is hitting?

I don't know whether these things all apply to your situation at work, but these things were really annoying for me when I worked on an admin portal at Alianza. So I thought about creating a browser extension like I'd seen people do at previous jobs I had worked at. That way I could have the extension control the app/environment. But I remembered trying to work on and contribute to those and it was pretty indirect and not entirely straightforward. And there were some things I wanted to do only temporarily, and only for my own development, not the rest of the people using the extension. The other problem with an extension is that there are quite a few limitations to extensions and I didn't want to have to hack around those.

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Why would you want this?

Does your designer cry every time you load their beautifully designed screen, and it is full of empty boxes because all the images have not loaded yet? Does your database engineer cry when you want to solve this by trying to cram little thumbnail images into your data to show as placeholders?

BlurHash to the rescue!

Replace boring grey boxes with beautiful blurhash states and the designers will be happy. Blurhash strings are short enough to be added as a field in a JSON object and to be stored in a database. The implementations are small and easy to port to new languages, and the end result is a smooth and interesting experience for your users.

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Navigating the Hype-Driven Frontend Development World Without Going Insane
Talk recording from React Advanced 2019 Conference

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Maximizing Code Reuse in React
Reusing code is great but we all know it does not come without a cost. Reusing code across repositories requires packaging and publishing — a tremendous headache. Code needs documentation, examples and a website gallery to display it so that it would actually get discovered and used. Sometimes it just makes more sense to copy-paste code manually or even re-write the whole thing.

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The Hooks of React Router
React Router 5 embraces the power of hooks and has introduced four different hooks to help with routing. You will find this article useful if you are looking for a quick primer on the new patterns of React Router. But before we look at hooks, we will start off with a new route rendering pattern.

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The React Cheatsheet for 2020 📄 ( real-world examples)

I've put together for you an entire visual cheatsheet of all of the concepts and skills you need to master React in 2020.

But don't let the label 'cheatsheet' fool you. This is more than a mere summary of React's features.

My aim here was to clearly and concisely put forth the knowledge and patterns I've gained through working with React as a professional developer.

Each part is designed to be immensely helpful by showing you real-world, practical examples with meaningful comments to guide you along the way.

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