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The modern guide to React state patterns

Since its inception in 2013, React has rolled out a robust set of tools to help relieve developers of some of the minutiae of creating web applications and allow them to focus on what matters.

Despite React’s many features and consistent popularity among developers, however, I have found time and again that many of us ask the same question: How do we handle complex state using React?

In this article we’ll investigate what state is, how we can organize it, and different patterns to employ as the complexity of our applications grow.

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Using Forms in React

No matter what kind of app you’re writing, there’s a good chance you need at least one form.

Forms in React are often a pain, filled with verbose and boilerplate-y code.

Let’s look at how to make forms in React with less pain.

In this article we’ll be focusing on using plain React, with no libraries. You’ll learn how forms really work, so you can confidently build them yourself. And if later you choose to add a form library, you’ll know how they work under the hood.

We’re going to cover:

  • How to create React forms without installing any libraries
  • The two styles of inputs in React forms
  • When to use Controlled vs. Uncontrolled inputs
  • An easy way to get values out of uncontrolled inputs

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React useState hook (with TypeScript)
React Hooks are amazing. A key feature that allows Function components to be THE WAY to create new React Projects.

This lesson covers Anything and Everything you wanted to know about React useState hook 🌹

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React/Redux: pitfalls and best practices

After 2 years using React with Redux for the video platform 6play, I was able to identify good practices and pitfalls to avoid at all costs. The Bedrock team (to which I currently belong) kept the technical stack of the project up to date to take advantage of the new features of reactreact-redux and redux.

So here are my tips for maintaining and using React and Redux in your application without going mad.

This article is not an introduction to React or Redux. I recommend this documentation if you want to see how to implement it in your applications.

You could also take a look at Redux offical style guide in which you could find some of those tips and others. Note that if you use the Redux Toolkit, some of the tips/practices presented in this article are already integrated directly into the API.

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Cypress Tutorial
Tired of having users email you that your web application is broken? Using, the JavaScript End to End Testing Framework, as a quality control tool will help a lot in preventing those emails. Yet, good as it is, is not a silver bullet.
In this upcoming video course Maurice de Beijer will teach you all about using You will learn how easy it is to get started and create your first useful tests. You will also learn how to make tests for data driven applications more reliable and even faster. He will show you how to test applications using 3rd party authentications services. And you will learn how to include all that as part of your continuous integration build. Hellping you prevent errors from ever deploying.
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Maintainable React components with Typescript

I often find myself coming into code bases that I haven't worked with before to fix a bug or add some new feature. This is honestly more often that not quite challenging.

Recently, santa needed my help to improve the gift generator that the North pole uses to find the perfect christmas gifts. Santa suggested that I should tweak the parameters that are sent into the generator to make it more precise.

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Importing React Through the Ages

How and why I import react using a namespace (`import * as React from 'react'`)

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React video courses
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