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Building an accessible Modal component with React Portals

Last week I kick-started a short series on "Building an accessible Modal component with React Portals", based on my experiences in my day-to-day job at Sky and our open source CSS toolkit that I help maintain.

Within the first post we were able to utilise the newer features of ES6 and React such as Class Properties, React Portals and Fragments in order to build a Modal component that opens and closes using its respective buttons, but is only rendered on the page based on that.

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Selectors in Redux are a MUST

Lately, I’ve been shocked by how many problems Redux’s selectors can solve. That’s why I’ve become a big fan and I’m sad to see that pattern treated as an advanced one. They are easy to understand and, at the same time, enable low coupling / high cohesive code at the Redux’s state level.

I got to know selectors a couple of months ago. In fact, I started working on a crazy search page for a project: besides a normal text query, users can select a number of filters. Thing is, filters come in all sorts and shapes: some are a set of checkboxes, some are nested trees of checkboxes, some trees can be filtered with a text box. Not only that, they produce really complex queries with combinations of AND and OR. Not only that, they interact between each other. And the list of “not only that”s goes much longer.

At the beginning I felt overwhelmed by all of that complexity. Eventually, I worked my way towards the light step by step. In this journey, selectors have saved my ass and become my best friend.

What follows is a story from the project on how I got to know selectors and why they are so awesome.

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Rethinking With React 16 - Manjula Dube
React v16.0 comes with some major changes and an update to the core algorithm. With React v16.0 Facebook has completely revised the internals of React while keeping the public API essentially the same. Learn about what’s new in React 16 which would include a brief explanation of the new algorithm along with focus on few of the new features like Error Boundaries, Portals, Fragments and SSR with React 16.

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Build an Airbnb Clone with React and ElasticSearch
Alright, alright, alright. I heard you like React, and Airbnb, but what is this Elasticsearch thing I'm talking about. Don't worry. This blog post will give you a kickstart in understanding the basics of Elasticsearch - What is it? Why should you care about it? and, how can you use it with React to build powerful apps painlessly.

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How to build Chrome extensions with React + Parcel

This month, I started to build my new product. It helps convert any website to JSON, XML, CSV, or any other format. I wrote my own Chrome extension for pointing to the fields in websites.

Most articles show how you can render it in a popup. In this article, we will render our app directly in the content (with Content Scripts). I will show you to how to start writing a chrome extension using ReactJS and Parcel from scratch. I will assume you have basic knowledge of JavaScript.

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Why I’m switching from Angular to React and Redux in 2018

Hint: It’s not because of the hype

I have this love and hate relationship with Angular for quite some time now. It was funny because I was learning and in the middle of making a simple app when I got stuck. For weeks.

I noticed though that along the way in even making the simplest features work seems a struggle to the point that I’m not even sure if it’s worth using Angular at this point. I grasped the basic fundamentals thoroughly and that should be enough to make the small features work.

But, no it didn’t worked out. And what’s worse is it feels like I’m not even using javascript at all. It’s more like a different language altogether.

I love typescript, but somehow I got agitated in using it because I invested a lot of time mastering the ins and outs of plain javascript. And it really feels like I’m still doing some back-end stuffs (Dependency Injections, Services, etc.). What’s weird enough is everything feels familiar and equally frustrating.

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Building React components with Storybook in 30 minutes or so

In this course, you are going to learn how to quickly build React component using Storybook. First, you will learn what Storybook is and why Storybook is such an awesome tool. You will learn how to add Storybook to an existing Create-React-App based application and start it to load all stories in an application.

Next, you will learn how to write stories to visually test your components. You will learn how to use decorators and add-ons to enhance the capabilities of Storybook stories. You will also use the Storyshots addon to create Jest snapshot tests from your stories so they are part of your unit tests.

Finally, you will learn how to publish your stories as a static site using GitHub pages.

We are going to start from scratch so no prior Storybook experience is required. I am assuming you are familiar with React, however.

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