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Here is what every React Developer needs to know about TypeScript - Part 1

If you've been using React for a while, you'll have noticed some cases where the freedom and wild nature of JavaScript works against you (and not because of JS 😄), especially if you're working in a team. You may not know it, but you need TypeScript or at least, you need to test it.

Let me be clear, I love JavaScript and the freedom it provides, for a long time I was "against" TypeScript.

So I want to go on a journey together, figuring out if TypeScript is worth using or TS is only for people who don't know how to code properly (this was an inside joke in my team a time ago!).

The idea behind this article is to go through the basics of TS and understand the benefits so you can decide if you want those benefits or not, in a second part I will cover the specifics of TS with React.

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React Lazy Loading Component with Lazy and Suspense

In this article, we are go to build a simple profile app with a combination of React.lazy(), Suspense and ErrorBoundary component. Don’t forget to check the complete working codes in the end of this page.

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Immer and React Match Made in Heaven
Immer is a great tool and makes being a react developer so much easier! In this tutorial I demonstrate how to use immer and explain the benefits it offers.

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How We Improved SmashingMag Performance
In this article, we’ll take a close look at some of the changes we made on this very site — running on JAMStack with React — to optimize the web performance and improve the Core Web Vitals metrics. With some of the mistakes we’ve made, and some of the unexpected changes that helped boost all the metrics across the board.

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Unit Testing Your Gatsby Site with Jest and React Testing library

Testing is a crucial piece when it comes to building websites or apps. It gives you more confidence in your product, makes your code better, and helps to avoid unexpected bugs in production.

In this tutorial, we will introduce you to unit testing by showing you how to test your Gatsby site with Jest and the React Testing Library. Let's get started.

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React Hooks vs. RxJS

I'm currently working a lot with React which is a nice change of scenery. Coming from Angular I've had to learn quite a few things about the framework while I was able to re-use basic web development skills (HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript/TypeScript) and transfer concepts like component-orientation. Glancing at React hooks I also hoped to profit off of my experience with reactive programming - but that didn't really turn out to be the case and here's why.

Using Angular made me learn RxJS and its underlying concept of observables. The nice thing here is that RxJS and reactive programming in general is fundamentally decoupled from any framework - it's a generic paradigm that you can apply in all sorts of domains where you're dealing with asynchronous problems.

RxJS is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based programs by using observable sequences. It provides one core type, the Observable, satellite types (Observer, Schedulers, Subjects) and operators inspired by Array#extras (map, filter, reduce, every, etc) to allow handling asynchronous events as collections. -- RxJS Docs

In fact, RxJS is one implementation of the ReactiveX API which is also available for numerous other languages. However, ideas from reactive programming aren't limited to that project but can now be found in many places and practically any modern user-interface framework*.

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