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Using SWR React Hooks With Next.js’ Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR)
When paired with ISR and Next.js’ API routes, SWR can be used to create a responsive user experience. In this article, Sam Poder explains what SWR is, where to use it (and where not), and how to build a website by using Incremental Static Regeneration.

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How to use React useReducer hook like a pro

Managing state in React is one of the main issues you'll be facing while developing React websites. useState is of course the most common way to create and manage state in (functional) React components.

There's also a lot of libraries offering opinionated ways to manage your entire (or part of) state, like ReduxMobxRecoil or XState.

But before jumping to a library to help you manage your state issues, you should be aware of another native way to manage your state in React: useReducer. It can be very powerful when used in the right way and for the right purpose. In fact, it's so powerful that the famous Redux library can be thought of as just a big, optimized useReducer (as we'll see).

In this article, we'll start by explaining what useReducer is and how to use it, giving you a good mental model and examples. We'll then go over a useState vs useReducer comparison to learn when to use which.

And for the TypeScript users out there, we'll also see how to use TypeScript and useReducer together.

Let's dive in!

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Multi-Step Form with React (Simple Version)
Let's explore different ways to create React multi-step forms. In this video, we'll do the simplest version of a multi-step form.

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Create React App without create-react-app!

The simplest way to create a basic react app is to run npx create-react-app and boom your basic react app will be created but have you ever wondered, can I do that whole process on my own? Well yes, you can.

Pre-requisites: Node js and Vs code. That’s all you need.

Let’s do it ..!!!

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A Guide to React Context and useContext() Hook

The React context provides data to components no matter how deep they are in the components tree. The context is used to manage global data, e.g. global state, theme, services, user settings, and more.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use the context concept in React.

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What Would Happen If You Mutated Your React Redux State?

We're well aware of redux's need for immutability. Most of us have an immutability tool to manage our state easily. It's even the first redux best practice: Do Not Mutate State

But have you ever wondered what would actually happen if you mutated your state? Should we try?

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