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Introducing Concurrent Mode (Experimental)

Concurrent Mode is a set of new features that help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed.

These features are still experimental and are subject to change. They are not yet a part of a stable React release, but you can try them in an experimental build.

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Why Is React Concurrent Mode Exciting?

Last week the React team released an experimental version of Concurrent Mode to the public. It's been in development for over a year and the React community has been very excited about its release.

What is Concurrent Mode? The documentation pages has a nice and concise description:

Concurrent Mode is a set of new features that help React apps stay responsive and gracefully adjust to the user’s device capabilities and network speed.

However if you don't know how Concurrent Mode works or what it actually lets you do you may be left wondering, "Why all the excitement?"

If that's you then this blog post is for you.

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Scheduling is the Future
With Fiber, React has embraced a scheduling-first approach. This has enabled features like time slicing and Suspense–but at what cost? Is scheduling just a workaround for React being too slow? This talk will dive into the answers to those questions (and more), outlining the importance of scheduling not just to React but to the web in general.

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7 React Libraries That Will Make Your Life Easier

Whether you are a professional React developer or just starting out with React, you want to make your life as a developer as easy as possible. Keeping up to date with all the latest trends around the React ecosystem is hard. Projects are being developed at a rapid pace. So it is easy to miss out on some of the great React libraries that are available.

That’s exactly why we’ll be going over the top seven React libraries that every developer should know.

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How to Create a Navigation Bar With React-Router, Styled-Components, And Infrastructure-Components
React is a great library to develop web-applications with. It lets you structure your code into declarative components that reduce side effects. But why do you keep the configuration of your Serverless web-application outside of React?

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Redux Now Has Hooks. A Before and After Comparison

Today the react-redux team released version 7.1.0, which adds hooks to react-redux! Here’s a quick comparison of how it could change how you write components.

First, A Brief Overview of The New Toys
  • useSelector: Pass in a function that takes the state as an argument and returns a value. Used to get a single value from state. Can act as a replacement for mapStateToProps.
  • useDispatch: returns a reference to the dispatch object. It can act as a replacement for mapDispatchToProps.
  • useStore: returns an instance of the store. Generally not recommended.

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