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Understanding Redux: The World’s Easiest Guide to Beginning Redux
This is a comprehensive (but simplified) guide for absolute Redux beginners, or any who wants to re-evaluate their understanding of the fundamental Redux concepts.

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Visual unit testing with react-storybook and fetch-mock

Working as a frontend developer in a project using React, suppose, while holding your cuppa, you pick this quite unlikely user story from the backlog:

As a user I want to see the bytes per programming language in the React repository.

Put your cup down, knowing in your heart that you will forget it and it will die a sad cold death.

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ReactNYC - Making The DOM Declarative
React gave us a great tool for building UIs declaratively by abstracting away the details of putting DOM trees together and adding events to them. When you use React, you rarely have to use imperative methods like appendTo and addEventListener directly. But what about the rest of the DOM's imperative APIs? In this talk, we'll explore how we can extend what React taught us about making the DOM declarative to other imperative APIs as well! ​

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REST vs. GraphQL: A Critical Review

Are you building an API?

Here is the idea: If you have never heard about the REST architectural style constraints and their implication on the properties of the resulting distributed system and you do not want to (or can’t) educate yourself, use GraphQL.

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Awesome React Headless Components
Awesome list of React headless components! PRs are welcome.​

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Should You Build a Reusable Component Library?

Modular frontends are all the rage these days, especially with the rise of React.js. Large companies have begun open-sourcing their frameworks,. Google has Material UI, Shopify has Polaris, and Palantir has Blueprint. You, (or your boss), might be thinking that it’s time for your company to get in on the action.

It’s all very exciting, but you need to remember that a reusable component library is not a magic bullet. It takes a lot of effort to get one up and running, especially if you’re expecting other teams to use it. You’ll want to carefully consider the tradeoffs before investing time, energy, and money into the project.

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