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10 Things NOT To Do When Building React Applications

React is a popular tool for developing, and I’m sure you React fans out there are feeling blessed to be able to get your hands dirty with such a great library.

Unfortunately, nothing in life is perfect, and React is no different. React comes with its own set of gotchas — and some of them can potentially become severe problems for your applications if you don’t take care of them now.

Here are 10 things not to do when building React applications.

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Buffet.js - React component library based on styled-components

🚨 We are very excited to announce the release of a new component library, Buffet.js.

While this project is just out of the oven, you can already give it a try
This effort is part of our roadmap for Q2 2019.

The purpose of Buffet.js - an all-you-can-eat component library - is to give to the community a faster, easier and better way to develop both their private and public plugins and also, to allow us to set up a stronger design system which can be easily updated.

If you want to give it a try, here’s how to.

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Scheduling is the Future
With Fiber, React has embraced a scheduling-first approach. This has enabled features like time slicing and Suspense–but at what cost? Is scheduling just a workaround for React being too slow? This talk will dive into the answers to those questions (and more), outlining the importance of scheduling not just to React but to the web in general.

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Make Redux Store Magic With Some OOP Approach
IT’S being a while since we started using Typescript in our project (thanks God!) and in fact it offers own way to develop applications. The thing is that ES6 and Typescript offer your code to be more object-oriented. Some people prefer more functional programming in JS but I feel like we can achieve more on the edge of both worlds — object-oriented programming and functional programming. In this article I want to share my way to describe redux stores in my ReactJS applications.

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Hooked on hooks: how to use React’s useReducer()
So the React Conference just happened and as always something new happened. Hooks happened! The React team talked about suspense, lazy loading, concurrent rendering, and hooks :D.

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Lazy Loading In React

React uses bundlers like WebPack to package its code and deploy it, to the browser. This bundled package is used by the browser to render your React application.

Now imagine creating an application with hundreds of components. By default, the bundler will merge all those components into a single bundle.js and load your application. This will, in turn, increase the initial package size, which leads to an increase in the loading time.

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