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React component patterns
Inspired by a technical talk I’m giving for a Meetup, I wanted to take a moment and share what I’ve learned on React component patterns. Components are the heart of React, so understanding how to utilize them is paramount to creating great design structures.​

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The case against React snapshot testing

We've been working with React for a few years now here at ezCater, during which time our unit testing story has been steadily evolving. One of the recent strategies we've tried out is Jest snapshot testing.

Snapshot testing is a popular strategy that we've seen in several React repos. It has a fair amount of positive supporters, as well as some cautious adopters. After spending a little over half a year using it (two repos, almost two dozen devs), we've removed or replaced nearly every existing snapshot test.

Why the change of heart? In short, we've found that snapshots are more trouble than they're worth, especially across large and/or fluid teams of people. In almost every case, a more focused and explicit unit test is a much better choice. More on that later.

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When React meets TDD
Interface testing was a painful activity in the past due to the tools and the way the frontend works with different browsers and the complexity of the DOM but React brought us an abstraction on top of it making easier. So we can do better! In this talk, Cristian will walk through good practices and techniques to do UI testing.​

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How I Built My Blog Using Gatsby and Netlify
Can you name a more iconic duo? 🤔

Years ago, when I would build a static website, I wouldn’t use any fancy frameworks or build tools. The only thing I would bring into my projects would be jQuery or if I was feeling extra fancy I would use Sass.

Nowadays, we have tools like Gatsby and Netlify which greatly improve the experience of building static websites. Rather than thinking about boilerplate and configuration (looking at you Webpack) you can just focus on your application.

I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the Gatsby and Netlify flow is the best programming experience I’ve ever had. Let me explain why.

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Structuring projects and naming components in React

As React is just a lib, it doesn’t dictate rules about how you should organize and structure your projects. This is nice, because it gives us freedom to try different approaches and adapt the ones that better fit for us. On the other hand, this could cause some confusion for devs that are starting in Reactworld.

In this post, I’m going to show some approaches that I have been using for a while and have been scaling very well. These approaches doesn’t re-create the wheel, they just put together and refine what we have on the market.

Remember: Nothing here is written in rocks! You can take only the approaches you think that make sense and adapt/change it to fit in your context.


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Testing your React App with Puppeteer and Jest

End-to-End testing helps us to assure that all the components of our React app work together as we expect, in ways which unit and integration tests can’t.

Puppeteer is an end-to-end testing Node library by Google which provides us with a high-level API that can control Chromium over the dev tools protocol. It can open and run apps and perform the actions it’s given through tests.

In this post, I’ll show how to use Puppeteer + Jest to run different types of tests on a simple React app.

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Building your first React application in 75 minutes or so
Get 2 months free premium content.

In this course, you are going to learn how to build an application using React. First, you will learn why React is such an awesome library to build web applications. Then we are going to go over the basics of React. Then we will use this knowledge to build an application to see some of the top rated movies. Of course, we will make this a nice looking application and wrap up by deploying it to the web.

Based on the experience from this course you will be able to start creating your own React applications.

We are going to start from scratch so no prior React experience is required. I am assuming you are familiar with HTML, JavaScript 5 and CSS however. I will be using newer JavaScript syntax in places but I will explain these as we go along.​

Get 2 months free premium content.

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