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The Importance of Branding YOURSELF!

Just like advertisers and marketing teams brand their products and their business name, savvy professionals understand the importance of creating their own personal brand. With the advent of social networking sites, becoming well-known and a trusted source is something anyone can do. Connecting real time with clients, colleagues, and be able to build relationships across the globe is a reality.
* Identify your target audience, Determine your brand, and Become an expert – Whether you’re looking to garner media attention, attract new clients or build your business, you should focus on becoming an expert in your field.
* Establish a presence – It goes without saying an account on the popular social media sites is a must, but also consider having your own website; it takes personal branding to another level, and ensures anyone who looks you up online after meeting you will find the right you, and learn everything they need to know.
* Networking - Use networking opportunities to share your knowledge, and your value to others. This is an intricate part of branding yourself in your field.
* Regularly evaluate and make adjustments – As your reputation grows, make sure to maintain your brand and update it as needed, so you maintain focus on your target audience.
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Fighting Fires Without Burning Bridges

Negotiation is a key element of every business – and the rest of life. The ability to negotiate strong agreements and understandings is a crucial, valuable talent. In his Keynote Speech Steve explains how to prepare a solid pre-negotiation foundation, subtly guide the negotiation, and consistently set and achieve satisfactory targets. From utilizing one's existing strengths at the negotiating table to avoiding common negotiating errors, Steve reveals
field-proven steps for reaching personal and organizational objectives in every negotiation. Download more information.

"A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others." ~ Norman S. Hidle
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