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Red Flags of Conversation
Every employee should speak politely and professionally, using proper etiquette. Small talk and conversation in any aspect of business has value - information gathered can be used to close a sale, and make return business easier. Customer service is probably the single most important business factor in helping your business growth. But when you are looking for answers, help, or information from a business, aren't you sometimes amazed by what people do or say ? Even a small misstep in wording can have a profound impact on what your client thinks you are trying to say to them. Always put your best foot forward in business, and that includes every conversation you engage in.

Here are our Red Flags of Conversation: what never to say in a conversation with a client or prospective client, and what would be more appropriate and professional to say instead. 
Never Say:                   Instead:
"I don't know..."                   "I'll find out..."
              "I/we can't..."                   "What we can do is..."
"You'll have to..."                "You'll need to..."
               "Just a second."            "This will take 7 minutes."
      "No problem."                    "I'll take care of it."
Are you guilty of any of these conversation faux pas? Adjusting your language even slightly will project a more professional, more service oriented face of your business. And in an economy such as this, customer service skills are your best bet to business growth and return customers.

Eco-Quest Team Building

Eco-Quest is the ultimate GREEN team building event! Each event is custom designed based on the location and time of the year, to benefit the environment in a variety of ways. While taking on an ecologically friendly project, people learn to connect and learn to work together for the environment. Learn more HERE.

For more information on any of our courses, or how we can help you plan for your upcoming event, please contact our Coordinator of Business Development at

Grassroots Advocacy

Patrick Haggerty is a 30 year veteran of Washington, DC politics and journalism. He informs and entertains audiences with his political punditry and insights on successful legislative citizen grassroots advocacy, political candidates and election analysis. Pat has spoken to associations and corporations in 37 states and his hometown, Washington, DC. All of Pat's programs include copious amounts of patriotism which audiences love. He has been a guest several times on the Larry King Show, a political news consultant to ABC's Good Morning America and a legislative seminar speaker for Congressional Quarterly Magazine. Click here for more information.


"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work."  ~Vince Lombardi

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