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How Do You Keep Your Clients Informed?

Social Media is the way everyone's talking these days.  The general consensus is that LinkedIn is better for Business-to-Business contacts and Facebook is great for Business-to-Consumer.  But remember every business can be a consumer.  No social media can replace your website.   You can follow us on LinkedIn, Like us on Facebook, or surf us on the web.  We cross post and invite you to be informed about team building on all three platforms.

What a Team Can Learn From Dogs

The first of man's animal companions, canines have lived with man for thousands of years. We value their company because of human-like characteristics. Dogs are social animals and have complex relationships within their packs.  some of the rules they follow are applicable to human teams.  This article explores team work from a dog's perspective and how we can apply those lessons to our team.  Click here for the full article.

Ice Breaker of the Month
Yes Lets - Pick a group activity, like throwing a birthday party or organizing a rummage sale. One player starts, saying "Let’s ..." filling in what she wants to do. Then she starts actually doing what she said she wanted to do. A second player jumps in, saying "Let’s ..." and then does something else, to advance the group activity. Both players say "Yes, let’s do that" and start doing whatever suggested. A third player jumps in, suggesting what to do, and again all players loudly agree to do it, and actually do it. Continue till everyone has suggested something. This is an excellent warm-up exercise, and great introduction to accepting new ideas from others.

New Courses Available
We have added several new workshops since the last newsletter.  All Quality Team Building course descriptions are available in electronic format.  For copies contact

Give a Hand

Today, 41% of the homeless population is comprised of families, and it is a devastating experience for parents and their children.  It disrupts virtually every aspect of family life, damaging physical and emotional health, interfering with children’s education and development, and frequently resulting in the separation of family members.  Reach out and Give A Hand to homeless families at your next Team Building Event. We custom design your event to best serve the specific needs in your community.  Download a brochure HERE.



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"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities."  Stephen Covey

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