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New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success
The New Year brings us the opportunity for new beginnings. As the excitement of the holidays winds down, it’s a time when people set up goals to make changes, either to improve aspects of their lives, or eliminate bad habits. The end of the year is also a great time to reflect on your business successes and progress over the year, and a time when you can plan how you want your business to develop.
  • Create a Road Map for your business for 2014. Where will your business go? How will it get there? Make a detailed business map and update it weekly.  
  • Promote your Business Regularly and Consistently. If you want to attract new clients, promotion is a priority. And maintaining relationships with your current clients will help them coming back.  
  • Drop What’s Not Working and Move on. All products aren't going to be super sellers, all sales methods aren't going to work for everyone, and all suppliers or contractors aren't going to be ideally suited to your business.  Don't invest a lot of energy into trying to make the unworkable workable.  
  • Talk Less, Listen More. Ask for advice from those around you and value their feedback. Let your group share their ideas as a means of team building. A good leader is one that listens and appreciates the ideas and perspectives of those around them.  
  • Give Back to the Community. Make a New Year’s Resolution to support and give back to those around you. Nothing will seed and grow goodwill for you and your business better.
All of us at Quality Team Building join in wishing you a happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!

Theme Park Rangers

This exciting and one of a kind team building event encourages FAMILY participation! The Rangers complete a quick hunt around a theme park of your choice, followed by family and fun time! Learn more - watch the video...
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."  ~Michael Jordan
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And the Winner Is....

Congratulations to Kelley Caporice of USF Health, who won our most recent drawing for a Google Nexus Tablet at the recent HR Tampa Expo!! USF Health's mission is to envision and implement the future of health. USF Health, located in Tampa, Florida, is an innovator in the creation and use of the latest technology available for health services. Visit them at


How to Build a High-Performance Non-Profit

For 25 years, John Curtis, PhD has shown nonprofits how to properly identify, engage, cultivate, and invite individuals of wealth and influence to stand with their respective organizations. He has worked with over 400 nonprofits around the world ensuring that their leadership advances the mission entrusted to them. Ultimately his  approach to nonprofit development and fundraising results in new sources of revenue raised through effective gift solicitations. Dr. Curtis leads nonprofits of all types and sizes through an OD initiative that ensures a nonprofit is sustainable and relevant in today’s dynamic environment. Click here for more information.
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