The official newsletter of Congress 2015 :: The 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry 26-30 March 2015.
Canberra Calling

Issue 1 :: May 2012

Congress 2015

With less than three years to go to Congress 2015 in Canberra, we are moving up a gear with our planning and preparations.  At this stage much of the work is ‘behind the scenes’ but in November 2012 we will ‘go public’ with the Call for Registration of Interest as Speaker.  

Congress 2015 will commence just after lunchtime on Thursday 26 March 2015 when all those who have registered will be able to collect their registration packages at the Canberra National Convention Centre.  There will be a welcome event that evening at the Australian War Memorial and Congress itself will commence with the opening ceremony on Friday morning.  From then until close of Congress in the afternoon of Monday 30th March there will be a packed program of presentations, exhibitions and social activities.

Through our newsletter, Canberra Calling, we will keep everyone up to date with our planning and let you know about sponsors, speakers, tours, accommodation and travel options and all else to do with Congress 2015.  Canberra is a wonderful place for family historians and researchers: the National Library of Australia, the National Archives of Australia, the Australian War Memorial and the National Museum of Australia are a few of the essential places to visit. In each edition of Canberra Calling we plan to tell you a little something about some of our favourite places – perhaps a tourist attraction, an event or exhibition or one of our wonderful institutions and their family history collections. We hope this will help you plan your trip to Congress 2015 and make the most of your time in Canberra. The Noel Butlin Archive Centre (NBAC) is featured in this first edition.

We hope that in coming to Congress 2015 you will also take the opportunity to spend some free time in your National Capital and in the area surrounding it – the Snowy Mountains, the beautiful South Coast and the Southern Highlands.    

Congress 2012

We all had a great time in Adelaide and enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones. That is certainly one of the many joys of Congress.

Entering the ‘drawer’ at our booth in Adelaide
Entering the ‘drawer’ at our booth in Adelaide

But, of course, we are really at Congress to learn – and there was so much to learn with more than 30 speakers covering about 70 topics.  There was such a wide range of topics and if you missed any, or just want to review what you heard, the papers have been published in the Proceedings of the 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry.

Thank you to all who visited our booth during the Congress, entered our ‘drawer’ and stayed with us through to our Call to Canberra at the end of Congress 2015. Congratulations to our raffle winners: Shirley Stone, Chris Maddox (one of the wonderful Adelaide volunteers), Marlene Sayers, Barbara Tomkin, Ruth O’Dea, David Holman and Mary Rix.

One of our favourite places

The Noel Butlin Archives Centre (NBAC) collects business and labour records from Australian companies, unions, industry bodies and professional organisations to support research by the University community and the general public.

Source: Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia, Sydney Branch from about the 1940s
Source: Waterside Workers' Federation of Australia, Sydney Branch from about the 1940s

The NBAC holds the records of large companies such as the Australian Agricultural Company, Burns Philip, CSR Ltd, Dalgety's, Tooth and Company and Adelaide Steamship as well as those of smaller businesses such as pastoral stations. The NBAC holds records of federal trade unions and their many predecessors, and of peak councils such as the Australian Council of Trade Unions and the National Farmers Federation. The records date from the 1820s to the late 20th century and include files, photographs, minutes of meetings, maps and plans, and publications such as trade journals and union newsletters.

If you’re very fortunate you may find a record of employment or union membership including dates, salary/wages, position, home address and marital status. Company house magazines and trade union newspapers provide a great deal of background and atmosphere. Often war service, retirements and death notices are published. NBAC holds quite a lot of information about hotels in 20th century NSW. For each hotel there is information about the hotel and its structure and details of purchases of beer, spirits and mineral waters, and the names of the licensees, owners, etc. This can be a gold mine for heritage people, as well as family historians.

Go to their website for lots more information about what they hold and how to access it.
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