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Brain-Altering Science and the Search for a New Normal

An electrical implant known as a deep-brain stimulator is giving some patients a new start.

When Did Science Become Apolitical?

There’s an extensive, controversial history behind scientists’ political leanings.

The Art and Science of White Noise

White noise, touted as the key to productivity, calm, and sleep, is widely misunderstood.

Meet the Radical Disabled Americans Fighting the GOP Health Care Bill

I joined a group of ADAPT protestors outside House Speaker Paul Ryan’s offices in Wisconsin.

Can a Nostalgic Ghostface Killah Concert Send a Radical Message in 2017?

Pacific Standard staffers discuss Killah’s subtle brand of subversive storytelling.

The Week in Photos: From Auto Manufacturing in Germany to Sandstorms in Syria

A round-up of images from Viewfinder, Pacific Standard’s daily photo feature.

Scenes From the Native Nations Rise March in D.C.

Marchers gathered today in Washington, D.C., to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Trump administration.

Do Hospitals in the U.S. Have a Waste Problem?

A look at the high cost of medical supplies and equipment hospitals throw away.

Politics and the Gender Pay Gap

Can political positioning affect paychecks?

Telemundo’s Vote to Unionize Is a Sign of Television’s Changing Demographics

The Spanish-language network is a sister company to NBC, but its performers don’t receive the same benefits.

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