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Hello everyone and welcome to July!

The month hasn’t been off to the best start, with heavy rains causing extensive flooding and damage to many communities across the province. MAS sends our best to all of those dealing with the damages and clean up following the flood. If your museum sustained any damage, we have prepared a short document on our website (link) that gives guidance on how to deal with flood damage. Please contact our Museums Advisor  if you have any questions or require further assistance.

Let’s hope for a hot and sunny July!
In this issue of Megaphone we are featuring Saskatoon’s Museum of Antiquities, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary and raising money to acquire a new piece for their collection to commemorate the event.
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Museum of Antiquities Celebrates 40 Years

Some of the replicas on display at the museum. Photo Courtesy Museum of Antiquities.

The Museum of Antiquities is busting out with a fundraiser in order to purchase a new piece in honour of their 40th anniversary.
The museum is in the midst of a fundraising campaign to raise $4,000 by the end of the summer in order to purchase a replica bust of the Roman emperor Augustus.
“We hope to raise the money and unveil the bust at our anniversary reception in September,” Museum of Antiquities community outreach spokesperson Courtney Tuck said. “The original piece is known as the Augustus Bevilacqua and is housed in a museum in Munich right now.”
The replica of the bust will be made at the Louvre in Paris and sent to the museum after they have raised the money needed for its purchase. So far the fundraising campaign has raised around $1,200.
The museum chose the Augustus replica because it seemed fitting. Not only is 2014 the 40th anniversary of their founding, but it is also the 2,000th anniversary of Augustus’ death in the year 14 CE. Augustus was the first Emperor of Rome and ruled from 27 BCE until his death in 14 CE.
Located on campus at the University of Saskatchewan, the Museum of Antiquities had humble beginnings as a small collection started by professors Michael Swan and Nicholas Genes. Starting as a small collection of replicas, the museum has grown to include collections of items including a false door from a tomb dating back to 2200 BC, replicas of ancient architecture and a collection of original ancient glass.
Tuck says that thanks to the generous support of donors over the past 40 years, the museum has been able to expand to a point where they could not possibly display their entire collection at one time.
“We have so many different pieces,” Tuck said. “We are even starting to run out of storage space for everything.”
While the pieces themselves are pleasing to the eye, Tuck says that it’s the stories behind them that are even more interesting. Tuck points to what she calls the “crown jewel” of their collection as an example.
“We have a bust of the general Hannibal,” Tuck said. It’s a 17th century piece that was originally housed in the palace of Versailles, but Napoleon removed it and took it with him when he left, so it ended up going through all sorts of different channels.”
One of the goals of the museum’s 40th anniversary is to highlight such stories.
“When you come to the gallery you can appreciate the physical beauty of the pieces but many of them have these great stories, and that’s something we are trying to do by compiling a catalogue of them that will hopefully be ready by October.”

Looking towards the future, Tuck says the museum will focus on building its educational programming for elementary and high school students and being a valuable resource to students at the university.
“We’ve been building a lot of momentum with our educational programming and it’s really had a positive impact,” Tuck said. “It’s also a great resource for students, not just for the collection but for the reference library. We have students from all sorts of disciplines who use the collection for their studies.”
Those who wish to contribute to the museum’s campaign to purchase the bust of Augustus can do so by visiting their website at
The Museum of Antiquities is open to the public Monday to Friday from 9-4 and Saturdays from 12-4:30 in the Peter MacKinnon building on the U of S campus for anyone interested in exploring a unique Saskatchewan museum.

The Museum attracts visitors of all ages. Photo courtesy Museum of Antiquities.
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