Pulling Down Strongholds!!!

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Strongholds: 2 Corinthians 10:4, "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds."

 Disease of the Week: Disease of the Mind - OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Spirits of: addictions (coming out of a need to be loved); lack of self-esteem; insecurity; fear (as in stress and anxiety).

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The word “stronghold” can mean a well-fortified city or fortress. It can also mean a central place of agreed-upon thoughts and views. Strongholds conjure up images of something impregnable, rigid, and unmoving. For instance, a university may be called a stronghold of liberalism or conservatism because of its reputation for allowing liberal or conservative thinking.

How Are Strongholds Formed?

A broken heart, betrayal, not being loved properly, not being covered and protected and traumatic events, personal sins can create an ungodly stronghold on your life.  Out of the above reasons listed and more, a person believes a lie and to find a false pathway to peace. 

Example:  You have a brother who locked you in a closet as a child.  Later you have a hard time being in tight places such as elevators, etc. and when in a tight place, have a panic attack and will avoid tight spaces at all cost.

To compensate your anxiety, you may reach to drink, do drugs, smoke, over eat to calm your nerves down.  That is a stronghold controlling you!  Also, a false pathway to peace instead of God.

In John 8:31-36, Jesus tells us that we can be held in bondage due to strongholds in our lives.

Pornography, adultery, and fornication are strongholds. God says tear it down. We say, “But God, it’s fun, and it feels good!” We don’t have a problem being locked in these strongholds. Gambling, alcohol, and drugs are strongholds. God says pull them down.

The Shame-Fear-Control Stronghold and the Control-Rebellion-Rejection Stronghold are particularly common and particularly entrapping. These are major influences that help reinforce ungodly beliefs, especially ungodly beliefs about who we are i.e., about our identity. These cause a person to see himself wrongly (have a false identity).

In a nutshell, a stronghold is anything you cannot control and it controls you.

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Spring Always Comes with Freedom!


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