Benefits of Fasting

Join Touch of God International Ministries on a 21-day fast. 

As we have entered into 2018, do you need to hear from the Lord?
Fasting is when you want directions, break through, answers, petitioning the Lord, etc. During a fast is when you seek, pray, press in, worship, etc. Basically you are inclining an ear to hear from the Lord.

If lukewarm, fasting helps put a fire back.  A prophetic video warning lukewarm saints. We need to be a burning fire for a dying world. 

I believe God has great things for 2018. I believe we are going to see great manifestations of power exhibited in the land for those living in righteousness. Those lukewarm will miss out. Those moving in their gifts will do even greater measure. At the same time, we will see more darkness cover the earth. We will see things It is of great importance to fast. Fasting should be with a pure heart and not for selfish reasons. 

Read Isaiah 58:1-14

In This Chapter, the Lord calls the prophet to address the problem of false religious observance. The root problem is people who observe spiritual disciplines for selfish reasons (to gain God’s blessings) while ignoring the hunger, poverty, homelessness, and nakedness of those in need.

The root solution is true devotion to God, which grows naturally out of love for God.  People who love God will worship him for the sake of honoring rather than manipulating him.  And if we love God, we will also love those whom God loves—our neighbors (broadly defined—see Luke 10:25-37, the Parable of the Good Samaritan).  That love for God and neighbor will be manifested by taking concrete steps to care for those in need (those who are hungry, poor, homeless, naked, or otherwise in need).

Seventeen Things that Constitute a True Fast:

1. To loose the bands of wickedness
2. Undo the heaven burdens
3. Let the oppressed go free
4. Break every yoke (v. 6, 9)
5. Deal bread to the hungry (v. 7)
6. Shelter the cast out
7. Cover the naked
8. To call upon the cry of God (v. 9)
9. Cease accusing others
10. Stop speaking vanity
11. Having compassion on the hungry (vs. 10)
12. To satisfy the afflicted soul
13. Abstaining from doing own pleasure
14. Honor God in all things
15. LIve an unselfish life
16. Speak God's word, not your own
17. Abstain from food.

Seventeen Blessings from a True Fast:

1. Your health will spring forth speedily
2. Your righteousness will go before you.
3. God's glory will be your rear guard
4. Then you will call and receive answers to prayer (v. 9)
5. You will cry and God will answer you.
6. Your darkness will be as the noon day
7. The Lord will guide you continually
8. He will satisfy you in drought (v. 11)
9. He will make your bones fat
10. You will be like a watered garden
11. You will be like an unfailing spring of water (anointing)
12. Your waste places will be built (v. 12) 
13. You will raise up the foundations of many generations
14. You will be called, The repairer of the breach
15. You will be called, The restorer of paths to dwell in
16. He will cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth
17. He will feed you with the heritage of Jacob

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