James 5:14 Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord.

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Injured December 12, 2016

Last year on December 12, 2016, I fell off a ladder 12 feet high and landed on cement on my side. I thought my life was over and went through a very dark time in my life. I could not leave the hospital until I had someone take care of me. I was temporarily disabled.

I dislocated my elbow and broke it in several places. I also had 5 fractures in pelvic and sacrum area. Pulled the pubic symphysis bone part along with pulling five abductor muscles and ripped tendons and ligaments in pelvic area. I literally could not walk. Also did injury to my bladder. I've been going through physical therapy ever since. The physical therapy helped much. I had two fractures that would not heal. Two girls prayed for me and God healed me. I've been going to the gym to strengthen my body. 

Upcoming Break FREE Healing and Deliverance Seminar

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Date: November 5 and 6, 2016

Location: Atrium Hotel and Suites, Irving, Texas 

Early Registration: $28.00

Guest Speaker: Kathy Johnson, she overcame Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and EI. Her topic: Walking out your disease and oppression.

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How Do I Know If A Person Needs Deliverance

Sick, Oppressed, Stuck! Be Healed, Set Free and Empowered to Serve!

Watch movie (approx. 7 minutes)

Touch of God is a Christian Deliverance Ministry Prayers cleansing a person of demons and evil spirits in order to address problems manifesting in their life through spiritual warfare and also moves in the prophetic anointing.

What is A Spirit of Heaviness Depression?

Heaviness means "somewhat dark, darkish, wax dim, smoking, weight, dull, etc.  How does Spirit of Heaviness affect a person? When there is sin in your life, it darkens your countenance.  It dims vision, robs hope and cannot feel or see the Lord in your life because sin separates.  It brings a heavy feeling, oppressive feeling, and it quenches faith.  Not only that demonic torment, loss of peace.  Sin is like a plague that puts a cloud over you that seems to hang over you.  When a person does occultism, it really can put a spirit of heaviness on them.  

Symptoms of Demonic Oppression

If you have five or more, most likely you need deliverance.

  • Uncontrollable Feelings:
    • Massive hatred or fear
    • Irrational guilt
  • Uncontrollable & Besetting Thoughts:
    • Blasphemous thoughts against preacher or the preaching
    • Horrific dreams that cause terror-stricken feeling
    • Homicidal thoughts
    • Acute low self-image
  • Abnormal Medical Problems:
    • Seizures
    • Pain, acute without reason to abdomen or head
    • Sudden chills or overwhelming heat in body
  • Cognizance Dilemmas
    • Loss of time - blackouts
    • Large drowsiness but not on any medicine around spiritual things
    • demonstration of extraordinary talents suddenly
    • voices that are not your own in your mind
    • supernatural events - vanishing of items and other bizarre things
  • Many other symptoms of Oppression:
    • Accident Prone,
    • Persistent depression, oppression, and heaviness or sadness,
    • Negative conversation,
    • Self-defeating thoughts,
    • Chronic illnesses,
    • Self-destructive thoughts,
    • Inability to concentrate or focus,
    • Quickly rejected and either recoil or attack how you feel to others,
    • Feel like you have a band around your head,
    • Extreme fear, anxiety phobias,
    • Abnormal, irrational loneliness,
    • Violent, reckless behavior (thrill seeker),
    • Hear voices in your head,
    • Irrational guilt and shame or feel unclean,
    • Tormenting thoughts and images,
    • Addictions that control you (gambling, drugs, alcohol, shopping, pornography, masturbation, lust fantasy lust, etc.),
    • Mental illness,
    • Rejection, unworthiness, insecure feelings - you feel like you are invisible to everyone even God,
    • Self-cut, self-sabotage,
    • Attacked by sexual demons at night incubus and succubus spirits,
    • Constant confusion in thinking (sometimes difficulty in remembering things),
    • Horrible nightmares causing fear (often having demonic images),
    • Hatred and bitterness toward others for no justifiable reason,
    • Irrational and uncontrollable anger rage,
    • Desire to do what is right (inability to carry it out),
    • Sudden personality and attitude changes (severe contrasts - appears schizophrenic),
    • Eating obsessions - bulimia, anorexia nervosa,
    • Compulsive sexual sins (especially perversions),
    • Irrational laughter or crying,
    • Negative reactions to the name and blood of Jesus Christ (verbally or through body language),
    • Vulgar language and actions,
    • Loss of time (from minutes to hours - ending up someplace, not knowing how you got there - regularly doing things of which there is no memory),
    • Extreme sleepiness around spiritual things such as reading the word, listening to a preacher, etc.
    • A demonstration of extraordinary abilities in occult (either ESP or Telekinesis),
    • Supernatural experiences - haunting, movement or disappearance of objects, and other strange manifestations,
    • Pain (without justifiable explanation - especially in head and stomach),
    • Blackouts or loss of time,
    • Physical ailments alleviated by a command of spiritual authority (i.e. epileptic seizure, asthma attacks, various pains),
    • Sudden interference with bodily functions (temporary) - buzzing in ears, inability to speak or hear, sudden severe headache, hypersensitivity in hearing or touch, sudden chills, or overwhelming heat in body, numbness in arms or legs, temporary paralysis, etc.
    • Tremendous hostility or fear when encountering someone involved in deliverance work,
    • A strong aversion toward scripture reading and prayer (especially one on one),
    • Irrational laughter or crying,
    • Exhibitionist - you want to undress and show yourself,
    • Extreme interest in paranormal, dark side,
    • Extreme restlessness (especially in a spiritual environment),
    • agitation for no known reason such as a feeling of wanting to break something or hurt someone.
    • Have sexual desire with someone of the same-sex,
    • Constant feelings of worthlessness, shame, guilt, suicidal thoughts,
    • Disregard for physical appearance,
    • Disappearance of items and then items return,
    • Long-term illnesses, diseases

Receive a turnaround in life - Inner Healing Deliverance;

  • Escaping from every satanic prison of oppression and torment
  • Undoing heavy burdens in your life.
  • Being released from witchcraft curses.
  • Serving notice on every spirit of infirmity.
  • Breaking all the evil yokes in your life.
  • Breaking the chains of poverty in your life to blessings of prosperity
  • Being released from the altars of affliction.
  • Killing every satanic assignment in your life.
  • Destroying the chains of darkness in your life.
  • Breaking all evil curses and spells in your life.
  • Identifying and destroying destructive habits.
  • Closing any doors in your life opened to the enemy.
  • Capturing back everything that the enemy has stolen from you.
Register today for the upcoming Break Free Healing and Deliverance Seminar, Irving, Texas (Dallas area).
Traci Morin

Traci Morin, Founder of Touch of God International Ministries - read my testimony or read other testimonies

“I was delivered from demonic torment and insomnia after years of taking date rape to sleep. I was healed after attending a deliverance ministry seminar in Texas.”  M.F. – watch her testimony!


Spiritual Warfare Healing and Deliverance Manual  (189 page manual including deliverance prayers) – Digital Download PDF format - $20.00 - I updated and added a teaching on House Cleansing and Deliverance Prayers.


Spiritual Warfare Prayers For Your Family

In PDF Format - $5.00  (66 Page Prayer Manual)


  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your children

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your marriage

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your teenager (addiction, rebellion, etc.)

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for salvation of loved ones and more

Online School of Healing and Deliverance - Anytime, On-Demand Videos - 16 Classes and over 30 hours of teaching.  S 250 value for $125 including three PDF books.

“Divine Healing” by Andrew Murray.
“God’s Medicine Bottle” by Derek Prince 
“The Greatest Power in the World” by Kathryn Kuhlman

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Not able to come to the Seminar in Dallas? Touch of God now has available to conduct Personal Ministry Sessions by SKYPE or by phone in 2-hour segments. Learn more.

Is your church aware of children being sold in America to human trafficking?  I do speak at churches and organizations bringing awareness.   

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