Luke 4:18

 18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,                             
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Broken Heart - Negative Thoughts - Change Your DNA
Upcoming Events

Break Free Healing and Deliverance Seminar
I remember when I used to be so very oppressed and tormented in my emotions.  But I got free and I praise the Lord for He set me free.  I remember it was like a great big boulder was lifted off my shoulders as well as feeling clean and clear headed. I love to see the power of God set the captives free when they come to my seminar. I love to see people loosed from oppression, depression, obsessions, guilt and shame, and all manner of sickness and disease.  Jesus did when He was on the earth and He gave us authority to do the same. 

Do you have Spirits of doubt and unbelief, spirits of lust, spirits of rage, spirit of fear manifesting as worry, anxiety or stress or even panic attacks?  It is the finger of God who sets people free.  Touch of God ministers command those spirits to leave and God does the rest to remove these entire unclean spirits scatter by the finger of God in the name of Jesus (see Luke 11:20).

Maybe someone betrayed you, lied about you, slandered your name or even gossiped about your and it really hurt like a dagger piercing your heart.  We call this a broken heart.  Are you struggling to forgive?  Want to be free from the torment of unforgiveness?  Jesus came to heal the brokenhearted according to Luke 4:18
Is there a generational curse working in your life and it seems you cannot get ahead no matter what you do!  You struggle paying bills - it feels like a curse? Jesus wants to bless us and give us peace and health. All this worry and all this demonic attack in your emotions can cause sickness and disease. 

Our life-changing seminar lays a strong biblical foundation teachings to expose the tactics of the enemy and remove the legal rights through spiritual warfare prayers of deliverance from demons. Freedom is yours!

Jesus preached the good news of His kingdom, healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and brought salvation to people.

During group and personal deliverance prayers are tearing down strongholds of the mind, breaking generational curses and removing personal bondage. Register today and experience a powerful encounter with God that lead to freedom and fullness.
If you are under attack do something about it right now.  

Receive Prayer after Each Teaching
- group prayer 
- individually and personally

More Upcoming Events

Mini Workshop:  Deliverance from Demonic Bondage and Curse of Freemasonry by Touch of God International Ministries - Learn if your ancestors were involved what curses come down the bloodline and become free.

When: October 17, 2015 at 6:30 p.m
Location: Faith Missionary Baptist Church
Address: 6710 Garner Rd., Rowlett, TX 75088

These are why so many family members of Masons have curses, including health problems.  See Curses:
  • Mental and emotional disorders
  • Repeated or chronic sickness (often hereditary) - throat problems, strokes, heart attacks, asthma, stabbing pain, etc.
  • Barrenness, miscarriage and female reproductive problems
  • Breakdowns of marriage and family alienation
  • Being “accident-prone”
  • History of Suicides and unnatural or untimely deaths
  • Confusion, Apathy, Unbelief
  • Poverty curses and more
Did you have a parent, grandparent involved in Freemasonry?  It is time to break the effects of Freemasonry off  your bloodline.  Join us for Teaching and group and personal ministry.

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School of Ministry Training in Healing and Deliverance - Equip, Empower & Activate 

The spirit of God dwells within us to bring His life and freedom to our hearts and to those who are broken and bound.

This training provides you with knowledge and skills to more effectively share that life and freedom with others and provide valuable keys of understanding that equip you to:
  • Minister with more wisdom and confidence casting out demons.
  • Gain greater insight into areas of brokenness.
  • Begin to dismantle strongholds.
  • Severing ungodly soul ties.
  • Breaking generational sins and curses.
  • Learn how 80-90% of all diseases have a spiritual root that affects our whole being.
  • Understanding how negative thought causes diseases and more.
Learn more and register...
Traci Morin

Traci Morin, Founder of Touch of God International Ministries - read my testimony or read other testimonies

“I was delivered from demonic torment and insomnia after years of taking date rape to sleep. I was healed after attending a deliverance ministry seminar in Texas.”  M.F. – watch her testimony!


Spiritual Warfare Healing and Deliverance Manual  (189 page manual including deliverance prayers) – Digital Download PDF format - $20.00 - It is designed for the seminar and help you stay free with more teachings than I will be able to cover in seminar.  

If you come to the Break Free seminar, we sell manuals for $45.00 at the door, or you can order ahead of time for only $35.00.

Just Released: Spiritual Warfare Prayers For Your Family

In PDF Format - $5.00  (66 Page Prayer Manual)


  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your children

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your marriage

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for your teenager (addiction, rebellion, etc.)

  • Spiritual warfare prayers for salvation of loved ones and more

Cannot come to Texas for the Break Free  2-Day Healing and Deliverance Conference?  You can with Online School of Healing and Deliverance - Anytime, On-Demand Videos - 16 Classes and over 30 hours of teaching.  Cost is $125.00 including three PDF books.

“Divine Healing” by Andrew Murray.
“God’s Medicine Bottle” by Derek Prince 
“The Greatest Power in the World” by Kathryn Kuhlman

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Not able to come to the Seminar in Dallas? Touch of God now has available to conduct Personal Ministry Sessions by SKYPE or by phone in 2-hour segments. Learn more.

Is your church aware of children being sold in America to human trafficking?  I do speak at churches and organizations bringing awareness.   

Are you aware of Human Trafficking problems globally?  Want to Partner up and give to this cause? 

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