This month we focus on the tourism industry in South Africa and we meet this month's square pegs Nocwaka Mazaleni and Johnny van der Westhuizen.
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SA tourism's good run looks set to last

There are no signs that the gravity-defying performance of the South African tourism is likely to subside any time soon, says Anton Roelofse, regional general manager of Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS).

Neither the stagnant local economy of less than 1 percent growth, nor a sluggish global economy of less than 3 percent growth, nor even the bureaucratic hurdles imposed for a while by the Department of Home Affairs on international travel have kept the thriving sector from producing a whopping 10 percent year on year growth.

“With such a performance, who would want to be in any other sector?” says Roelofse, who believes the fundamentals for a long-term tourism growth run are in place.


Ten ways to counter dead-season anxiety

It is not surprising that many business owners in seasonal industries such as tourism call the quiet months of the year the “dead season”. There are many reasons why they often view it with dead: revenue dries up, staff whittle away and expensive business assets stand idle.

For Gerrie van Biljon, executive director of Business Partners Limited (BUSINESS/PARTNERS), the main cause of dead-season anxiety is a lack of preparation. Too many owners of seasonal businesses don't plan enough, he says, but simply hold onto the hope that the next quiet season won't be as bad as the last.

With the right preparation and approach to the off season, business owners can turn it into a fertile time in which the business grows stronger. He recommends ten ways in which entrepreneurs can put the quiet season to good use:

September 2016 / Vol.7.9


Are you a
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This quiz is not scientific but serves to highlight some of the key attributes of entrepreneurs or “square pegs”, as we at Business Partners affectionately call them. The quiz should give you some idea on whether you “possess” entrepreneurial qualities, or not. However, please remember that a positive outcome/score is not a recipe for success.

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Testament to entrepreneur's ability to adapt, grow

In her first business plan for her tourist accommodation company, Nocwaka Mazaleni envisioned a small upmarket boutique hotel in Cape Town with 60 rooms in the African fusion style which she became known for as a fashion designer.

She is not quite there yet, but her Kwantu guest houses in Milnerton is a testament to an entrepreneur's ability to grow incrementally, to adapt a business plan according to the realities of the market and the available resources, but all the while staying true to her original vision.

Because she did not have the resources to start a single 60-room hotel in one go, she decided to get there incrementally and sustainably by growing a group of guest houses, adding to them as the demand for her stylish rooms and good service grew.


Bringing the world to South Africa

In an unforgiving tourist mecca like Cape Town it takes some doing to establish a restaurant so popular that the queue for a table sometimes stretches out into the street. For restaurateur Johnny van der Westhuizen, co-owner of Manna Epicure in the city centre, it has been a long journey of international exploration and passion.

Born and raised in the tiny rural village of Citrusdal, Van der Westhuizen formed part of a wave of young South Africans who chose to seek their fortunes elsewhere in the world. This “brain drain” caused much worry in the past, but Van der Westhuizen also took part in a second wave – the return of those same individuals to South Africa. They are older, highly experienced, cosmopolitan, well-resourced and keen to build world-class businesses in the country of their birth.

Industrial Park
Location: 289 Grahamstown Road, Deal Party, Port Elizabeth. The park is located within 15 minutes of the Coega IDZ, 20 minutes drive from the PE CBD and within 1km of the N2 off-ramp.

Description: 598m² (Unit 3) space available to let. It can be used as warehousing facility or factories.

Sharon Lines
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Office space to let
Location: 60 Sir Lowry Road, Cape Town. Located near to Cape Town CBD, N1 and N2.

Description: Three units are available to rent: 160m², 142m², and 88m².

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Aldo Park
Location: Greenbushes Industrial Park, Gate 2, Old Cape Road, Port Elizabeth

Description: 598m² (Unit 9) space available to let . The unit consists of one garage door with access to factory, an open plan reception, offices, toilets and showers. It includes 24-hour security with guards at the access point and electric fencing.

Rent:R28 800.00 excl. VAT per month (Prepaid 3 phase power & water charged separately)

Sharon Lines
041 367 1082
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